The Bodhisattvas

 By Dimitar Mangurov

Translation: Ventsislav Todorov

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“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.“ (Revelation 7:14, KJVA)

After the democratic changes in Bulgaria, a former officer of the Bulgarian State Security Services was telling a small group of people the following story that took place during the totalitarian years. While on a working trip to the former city of Leningrad, Saint Petersburg nowadays, he decided to visit the State Hermitage Museum and see the “hidden treasures” placed in its undergrounds, which were never shown to the general public. He was accompanied by a woman officer (major) from the KGB. He admired the abundance of “Scythian” findings but what impressed him most was a pair of earrings, about three centimeters long, crafted with hundreds, even thousands of miniature gold grains glued together in a miraculous way. The major explained to him that there would be no one on Earth who would be able to craft such a thing today. The Russians had been doing experiments in space, but the results were modest. “What nation could have created such a technological miracle?” the Bulgarian officer exclaimed. The answer turned out to be more than surprising: “The ancient Bulgarians”.

Well, how could the “comrades” (as they called themselves during the communist regime) exhibit such a treasure to the common people upstairs in the halls  if they would have to answer that same question to them, too?! (Due to the complexity of the text and in order to stay as close as possible to the original form and meaning, after consultation with the author of this work, the translator took the liberty to add at times clarifications and/or synonyms in brackets so that the reader could build up a full picture and better understanding not only of the main idea of this writing, but also of all the details – translator’s note). What would then happen to the official theory saying that in 681 Asparuh crossed the Danube with a small horde of Mongoloid semi-savages who, except for skillful horse riding and mastering of the sword, appeared to be unable to do anything else? Afterwards (according to that same official theory), they “dissolved into the Slavonic sea” and the only thing they left behind was the name “Bulgarians”. And nowadays we have those earrings (inspiring uncomfortable questions) and thousands of similar artifacts of “Scythian”, “Celtic”, “Gothic”, “Greek” etc origin, posing to science a great number of disturbing questions with historical, mystical and even cosmic nature. How could our undoubtedly clever contemporary individual figure out that the taming of the horse, first done in the third millennium BC in the steppes north of the Black Sea namely by the Bulgarians, actually meant the “taming” of the mind (the development of the thinking process) for the evolution of the “Self” – the latter being the main goal for man during the Earth’s aeon? How could that same hi-tech contemporary individual realise that according to an all-embracing spiritual Plan, which had been passing through all the epochs till now, behind the skillful pointing of the sword of the Ancient Bulgarians stood the “skillful pointing of the Self” (the double-bladed sword from the Revelation of Saint John) for the sake of evolution of all humanity, and that the creation of the above mentioned earrings was made possible as a result of the strict following of that same Plan, the outlines (ideas) of which are still to be revealed to the unsuspecting mankind? We cannot say for sure whether Magnus Felix Ennodius (born in the fifth century AD in today’s French territories) was aware of the existence of such a Plan, or whether he was aware that the Bulgarians were destined to play the major role in it, however, his words written in 486 AD in his “Eulogy of Theodoric“ are more than persuasive: The Bulgarians, these were the people who had everything they ever wanted; they believed that they know the world (they had revealed all its secrets). They never doubted their victory. These were the people who amazed the world. Weiterlesen „The Bodhisattvas“