The Bodhisattvas

 By Dimitar Mangurov

Translation: Ventsislav Todorov

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“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.“ (Revelation 7:14, KJVA)

After the democratic changes in Bulgaria, a former officer of the Bulgarian State Security Services was telling a small group of people the following story that took place during the totalitarian years. While on a working trip to the former city of Leningrad, Saint Petersburg nowadays, he decided to visit the State Hermitage Museum and see the “hidden treasures” placed in its undergrounds, which were never shown to the general public. He was accompanied by a woman officer (major) from the KGB. He admired the abundance of “Scythian” findings but what impressed him most was a pair of earrings, about three centimeters long, crafted with hundreds, even thousands of miniature gold grains glued together in a miraculous way. The major explained to him that there would be no one on Earth who would be able to craft such a thing today. The Russians had been doing experiments in space, but the results were modest. “What nation could have created such a technological miracle?” the Bulgarian officer exclaimed. The answer turned out to be more than surprising: “The ancient Bulgarians”.

Well, how could the “comrades” (as they called themselves during the communist regime) exhibit such a treasure to the common people upstairs in the halls  if they would have to answer that same question to them, too?! (Due to the complexity of the text and in order to stay as close as possible to the original form and meaning, after consultation with the author of this work, the translator took the liberty to add at times clarifications and/or synonyms in brackets so that the reader could build up a full picture and better understanding not only of the main idea of this writing, but also of all the details – translator’s note). What would then happen to the official theory saying that in 681 Asparuh crossed the Danube with a small horde of Mongoloid semi-savages who, except for skillful horse riding and mastering of the sword, appeared to be unable to do anything else? Afterwards (according to that same official theory), they “dissolved into the Slavonic sea” and the only thing they left behind was the name “Bulgarians”. And nowadays we have those earrings (inspiring uncomfortable questions) and thousands of similar artifacts of “Scythian”, “Celtic”, “Gothic”, “Greek” etc origin, posing to science a great number of disturbing questions with historical, mystical and even cosmic nature. How could our undoubtedly clever contemporary individual figure out that the taming of the horse, first done in the third millennium BC in the steppes north of the Black Sea namely by the Bulgarians, actually meant the “taming” of the mind (the development of the thinking process) for the evolution of the “Self” – the latter being the main goal for man during the Earth’s aeon? How could that same hi-tech contemporary individual realise that according to an all-embracing spiritual Plan, which had been passing through all the epochs till now, behind the skillful pointing of the sword of the Ancient Bulgarians stood the “skillful pointing of the Self” (the double-bladed sword from the Revelation of Saint John) for the sake of evolution of all humanity, and that the creation of the above mentioned earrings was made possible as a result of the strict following of that same Plan, the outlines (ideas) of which are still to be revealed to the unsuspecting mankind? We cannot say for sure whether Magnus Felix Ennodius (born in the fifth century AD in today’s French territories) was aware of the existence of such a Plan, or whether he was aware that the Bulgarians were destined to play the major role in it, however, his words written in 486 AD in his “Eulogy of Theodoric“ are more than persuasive: The Bulgarians, these were the people who had everything they ever wanted; they believed that they know the world (they had revealed all its secrets). They never doubted their victory. These were the people who amazed the world.


Why were the Ancient Bulgarians convinced that the world had been created for them? What is the constant source that gives them strength to keep on amazing the world even today with their achievements in all spheres of life? Can we at least partially come closer to God’s Providence (Idea) of Earth’s humanity, and namely about our nation, so that we can find out what the task of His main instrument for the fulfillment of that providence (idea) is? Let us give it a try and the eventful decades that are to follow would prove if we are right!

There are three main questions that each man needs to solve, and our entire future depends on the way they are solved. The first one concerns the Christ and the Self, the second one – the Spiritual Hierarchies, and the third one – the Lodge of Bodhisattvas and the Teachers related to them. The headline of this work shows that we are going to speak mainly about the third question without separating it in any way from the other two because they form an inseparable trinity. In 1909, with majestic panache, Rudolf Steiner lifted the curtains to reveal such spiritual heights to his astonished listeners, which had remained hidden from the eyes of the intensively-sinking-down-into-the-material man for a long time. “At the heart of the true Spiritual Science, it had been felt and known that something that had been passing through all the post-Atlantean cultures existed, something which had already passed through the Ancient Indian, Ancient Persian etc cultures, something which would pass through all those cultures following the already mentioned ones up until the next great catastrophe and beyond it. If we look at it from more tangible perspective, not as something abstract, it is a Being, compared to which all other beings – such as the Holy Rishis or even others superior to them, such as those who never descend to a physical incarnation, (all other beings) are only its messengers. We can call it with a name, which in the East has been most truly given – the Community (the Spirit) of the Bodhisattvas. In Christianity they would call it the Holy Spirit.” (Adapted translation of the quoted text in the Bulgarian version, and the same applies to all pieces of the quoted text unless the source(s) is (are) specifically cited – translator’s note). Each and every gospel, each word of wisdom on Earth leads to this source of the Primordial Wisdom, formed by the twelve Bodhisattvas, being situated in a Lodge (a Circle) in the “dazzling spiritual heights” of the World of the Providence (Buddhi) and forming in their unity a perfect peculiar Being, called by Steiner “The Great Teacher” who ”has taken human form many times during the post-Atlantean epoch”. That is why when ”in our earthly evolution we find incarnations of the Bodhisattvas, we call them great Teachers of humanity as the most significant thing about them is the Bodhisattva being an incarnation of Wisdom.”

And here at once comes the explicit clarification of the difference between the Christ’s principle and the principle of the Bodhisattva as mistakenly mixing the two is one of the greatest occult mistakes. Out there, in the World of the Providence, ”free from all He has become on Earth and close to it”, in the center of the Lodge, we find Christ – ”the basis of humanity, the One from whom all Life derives (proceeds)”- expressing ”His Holiness and His Own Magnificence”. The Bodhisattvas have the privilege to contemplate and delight in His Essence and It – the Christ’s generating-Life Essence, is reflected through them on the Earth as a teaching. Christ is not just a Teacher, and the teachings on Earth emerge in different cultures so that people can fully understand what Christ is. ”He is more of an object, rather than a subject of the teachings”, says Steiner.

After the statements above even the most biased follower of the esotericism should be able to understand that both the true elucidation of the Bodhisattva Question (which is one of the most complex questions in the Christology) and the very indication of the incarnation of the Spirit of the Bodhisattvas in human form in the 20th century (both) play a vital role in humanity’s spiritual life. Any opposition to these truths is an unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit, which blocks the path towards the Cosmic Self-being Christ, and, consequently, leads to gradually drying up the Life of such an opposing individual and would eventually turn into a confrontation with God, and thus support the incarnated Antichrist in His battle against the Etheric Christ! I do hope that this piece of writing would turn into a helpful guide to avoid such a tragic fate. And now let us proceed with a more detailed consideration of the Mystery of the ”Bodhisattva” from its beginning up until the Mystery of Golgotha, in order to grasp the very meaning of the gigantic change which took place after it (after Golgotha)!

From Anthroposophy we know that the main event in the created Cosmos that shook all its inhabitants down to their foundations was the Man-becoming of the Second Hypostasis of the Holy Trinity (Christ), known as ”the Word”. On the long journey to the sacrifice at Golgotha the first thing that the Word did was to show His Star Essence as ”the Son” (in the Zodiac Circle). Next, He ”shrunk” to the level of Spirit of Wisdom (during the Old Sun), and much later on (during the Earth’s aeon) He manifested Himself ”planetary” (on a planetary level) as the unity of the six Sun Elohim (the Spirits of Form), to continue and enter the Moon-Sphere as an Archangel (Michael) and ”passing by” the Angel Sphere, during a three year period, to join His Macrocosmic Self with the three bodies of Jesus after the miracle of the Epiphany in the Jordan Rriver. At some point during this ”panorama” of martyred ”shrinkages” the Savior created the Lodge of the 12 Bodhisattvas, making it His main tool for laying His Will in Earth’s sphere. The creation of the Lodge was not a single act but a continuous process, which started in the Hyperborean epoch. During the preceding Polarean epoch (being a reflection of the Old Saturn) everything was in unity so it is impossible to talk about a (process of) formation of the Lodge as an independent organism during that time. It all started in the middle of the Hyperborean epoch (being a reflection of the Old Sun) when, together with Christ, the Sun separated itself from its trinity with the Moon and the Earth. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn already existed as separate planets, Mercury and Venus formed a bit later, and the Moon and the Earth were going to become independent celestial bodies in Lemuria. The formation of today’s Solar System was happening at a spiritual level in the Lower Devachan, nothing ”solid” existed and the future Bodhisattvas were yet to form themselves as humans and begin leading Earth’s development, but even then they were being sent to the planets with special tasks by the Great Sun Spirit (Christ). Steiner speaks that the being, which at some point would become Gautama Buddha, was sent to Venus (i.e. today’s Mercury). At this time, we are unable to say where the others were sent and what their tasks were but we can certainly share the occult fact, that during the great ”Moon Crisis” in Lemuria it was the future Bodhisattvas themselves who did a single act without which our whole evolution would have failed. They were the Souls, they were the Selves who possessed the required strength to withstand the destructively stagnating moon powers and to stay on Earth, thereby ensuring the continuation of the human incarnations which had started after the Fall (the Original Sin). Thanks to this sacrificial feat they acquired those virtues which allowed them to fully complete the formation of the Lodge in the middle of the Atlantean epoch and to step into their role as leaders. During the whole time the focus of their efforts and the source of the strength for their achievements remained the Christ, Who was continuously ”shrinking” himself and Who, while descending down to Earth with great élan and ”on His way” through the Nathan Soul, made three supersensible Sacrifices: saving our 12 senses and the physical body at the end of Lemuria, saving our 7 main vital organs and the etheric body at the beginning of Atlantis, and saving our three soul faculties and the astral body at the end of Atlantis. As a result, man acquired erect posture, speech and primary mental ability and became capable of developing the Self, which (the Self) the Savior was going to heal at the Turning Point of Time on the Earth itself. The Bodhisattvas could now work with us, starting with our physical bodies. In order to understand at least partially the nature of their activity, first we need to answer the question: ”What kind of being is the Bodhisattva?”

After death, the common person would rise to the planetoid sphere between Mars and Jupiter, the Initiated One would reach the boundaries of the Higher Devachan and could contemplate the ”Buddhi” plan, while the Bodhisattvas, as already mentioned, rise to the ”Buddhi” sphere, where within their unity they form the Being ”Holy Spirit” and meet Christ, Who would appear (come forward) for them, but descending from above, from higher states of Consciousness. Therefore, from a cosmic point of view, Christ is the Sun and the Bodhisattvas are the 12 stars which receive Light and Warmth, Strength and Life from Him, which they bring down to Earth. When Christ revealed (showed) Himself as the Son in the Zodiac Circle, he possessed the duodecimal Completeness of the Powers of the Father, by Which (Completeness) our physical body (the Principle of the Father) is formed. The Circle of the Bodhisattvas was created following the same model as an organism enlightened by the Holy Spirit and reflecting the 12 aspects of the Cosmic Christ into the sphere of Earth. The Holy Spirit gathers strength from the direct contemplation of Christ and after mid Atlantean epoch this strength descends through each of the Bodhisattvas upon humans in the form of all-embracing Wisdom. But then, the next question comes immediately: ”Which (What) Holy Spirit are we talking about?”

The third image of the Holy Trinity is ”a result” of the ”union (incorporation)” of Love (the Principle of the Father) and Wisdom (the Principle of the Word). Until the Mystery of Golgotha, the Holy Spirit (the united (collective) Spirit of the Bodhisattvas) was beaming down below only that part, which it received from the Word, i.e. only the Wisdom. In the shattering farewell sermons of John’s Gospel, the Word had promised the apostles (and humanity) to ask the Father by prayer to send us the Soothing Spirit (the Paraclete), the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, with which Both of Them (the Father and the Son) would make home in every man, but only if people love Jesus (“Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them“ (John 14:23, NIV) – translator’s note). It was only when on the Cross the Wisdom was reborn in the Macrocosmic Self of the Word and turned into Love. Only then it became possible for one human being – Jesus, to turn into a true representative of the entire Holy Trinity on Earth. Thanks to that sensory fact, after Pentecost, the Holy Spirit from the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas found Its way to the human Self, gradually revealing the secrets of the Golgotha Mystery to people, and, along with it, It also unveiled to them the Mystery of the Holy Trinity Itself as Love, Wisdom and Truth. From messengers of the Holy Spirit in Pre-Christian times, carrying the Wisdom of the Word, the Bodhisattvas turned into followers of the Savior and messengers (bearers) of the Holy Spirit as Truth and Paraclete (Comforter). A great change took place in the Lodge of the 12, which expressed itself through the first Christian Bodhisattva: the messengers of the Cosmic Logos became followers of the Human Jesus because the Logos Christ had become a Man (Christ Jesus) and had eternally bonded Himself with Earth, standing in the center of its evolution. Before the Mystery of Golgotha the meaning of Earth’s evolution was being revealed to the Initiates at the level of the Lodge of the 12, and ever since Golgotha, it exists in every human Self (I being) as an Inspiration from Christ (Christ Impulse) and the task of the Bodhisattvas is to keep disclosing (revealing) to us Its Contents to higher states of consciousness, and, practically, to manifest It themselves for us. However, in order to understand what the Bodhisattvas tell us and what they do, we need to look even further into their being.

In a sense, the Bodhisattva is a cosmic being, as even on Earth, leaning on its Self, it consciously works together with the Guardian Angel for the transformation of its astral body into Spirit-Self, a process which would be essentially observed with the rest of the humanity as late as in the future Spiritual Jupiter. During this process, the Bodhisattva receives inspirations in its etheric body from the Archangel of the corresponding nation in which he has descended (incarnated) coming from the ”Buddhi” sphere. During the last descent, after all descents (incarnations) have passed, the astral body is transformed into a body with certain abilities, called ”Nirmanakaya” (the glowing body of the Spirit-Self), the Bodhisattva rises to Nirvana, acquires the degree (rank) of ”Buddha”, sets the Guardian Angel free and, with inspiration from his Spirit-Self as a principle of the Self, the Bodhisattva, in tandem with an Archangel being, starts working on his etheric body to transform it into Life-Spirit, without descending to Earth any more, and such a transformation would only be possible for us in the future aeon of Venus. (It should be obvious that the earthly vessel that the Bodhisattva embodies (incorporates into) can be either male or female, hence, to avoid ambiguity and numerous repetitions (such as he/she, his/her, etc.), for the purpose of the translation the Bodhisattva would be addressed as “he“ – translator’s note.) At that moment the next Bodhisattva takes over ”the heavenly tiara” and starts fulfilling his task together with his own Guardian Angel. Angels act in the sphere (area) between the Earth and the Moon. Rudolf Steiner calls the Bodhisattvas ”the messengers of the Moon” because the Moon is a spiritual mirror,  through which the Sun Wisdom of the Word before the Mystery of Golgotha penetrated in order to reach people. At that time the Word revealed Himself in the circle of the Bodhisattvas through the Spirits of Wisdom – being both the most superior Beings in the (structure of the) Heavenly Sophia (also called the ”Wisdom of God”) and also the representatives of the principle of the Word in Genesis (Life). This Wisdom was collected in the Being ”Holy Spirit” (the united Spirit of the Bodhisattvas) and from there it was ”poured” down onto Earth through the corresponding Bodhisattva through the different ages. This very ”pouring” was made possible with the collaboration of the Archai, the Archangels and the Angels, who represented the Principle of the Holy Spirit in Genesis (Life). While on Earth, the Bodhisattva would have a bond with the Guardian Angel and the Archangel of the corresponding nation, but he would lose his connection with the Archai. This connection would become possible only when the Bodhisattva reached the rank of ”Buddha”. This can be explained as follows: although through the work with the Guardian Angel the Bodhisattva received impulses for influencing him himself (the transformation of his astral body into ”Nirmanakaya”) and through the work with the Archangel he received impulses for influencing the destiny of a nation, it was not until he became a Buddha, he could guide the destiny of the whole humanity in a given age, under the influence of the Archai. Connecting with the Archai becomes an ideal (dream) for the Bodhisattva while he is on Earth and each time he returns to the Lodge, which guides human evolution, this connection with the Archai would revive. There – in the Providence, the circle of the 12 belongs to the Archai, the Archangels and the Angles and that is why Steiner calls it ”the Holy Spirit”. But this circle may also be called the circle of the Archangels (who play central role in it) because the meaning of its existence is within Its creator – the Word, and the Archangels are representatives of this same Principle of the Word in the triad of Beings already mentioned. The Angels are below the Archangels and the Angels assist the Archangels, while the Archai are above the Archangels and the Archai inspire the Archangels, and thus the unity of these three hierarchies creates the cosmic aspect of the Lodge of the 12. This is the place to clarify something, which was mentioned above and namely: the Lodge of the 12 is not the Zodiac Circle itself, in which the highest Spiritual Beings (Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones) act, representing the Principle of the Father in Genesis (Life), but the Lodge of the 12 is a reflection of the Zodiac with the help of the powers of the Moon (as a spiritual mirror). But from an earthly and cosmic point of view, even this has changed since the Mystery of Golgotha, because Christ ”filled all the gaps between man and God – as the first Christian Bodhisattva wonderfully stated it in the 20th century. When the Word left the Zodiac circle using the highest Spirit of Wisdom as a gate to bond Himself with the original image of today’s Heavenly Sophia, she then became the supersensible ladder for His descent towards the Archai, the Archangels, the Angels and the Bodhisattvas, ascending from below, in order to create, from the completeness of the powers of the Father, this duodecimal spiritual organism, penetrated by the Holy Spirit and reflecting the 12 aspects of the Cosmic Christ, the knowledge of Whom the Bodhisattvas spread on Earth as an all-embracing Universal Wisdom. The Zodiac circle is the highest ideal (dream) for the Heavenly Sophia, which she aims to bond with, as she did it once (but one time only and not forever) in the middle of the Old Sun aeon during the Word’s descent. The final realisation (achievement) of this ideal (dream) depends on the earthly man and achieving it would pay off our duty (debt) to Sophia, for, without Her (Sophia) the Word would not have become Human and would not have turned the involution into evolution for the sake of our salvation and the introduction of a new principle in the created Cosmos – the Principle of Freedom and Love. Without an effort to understand the tasks of the different Bodhisattvas, those who have already descended to Earth, and those who are yet to come with missions in the far future, paying off this debt would be impossible. And to accomplish this task we would use the ”instrument” called Anthroposophy, which, as Steiner says, ”must follow the Bodhisattva for the sake of humanity’s well-being”.

The Spiritual Science says that Gautama Buddha is the sixth of the twelve Bodhisattvas, who rose to the rank of ”Buddha”, Orpheus was his predecessor, but we almost know nothing about the four before Orpheus. Looking back in time, we can ascertain that man’s soul organisation changes constantly and we could approach the answers of the questions raised already only by taking that change into consideration, because the external ”civilising” events are mere reflections of what happens in the internal depths of our Self, our Soul and our bodies. One of the most suitable ways to get acquainted with the mystery of the Bodhisattvas’ deeds unfolding during the different ages is to compare them with the periods of human life. After the physical conception, each of us spends 9 months in his/her mother’s womb. However, it is the activity of the Heavenly Sophia which reflects in the ability of a woman to conceive, carry and give birth to a ready-for-independent-life being. If we could determine the moment when all humanity was physically conceived, then we could seek for the starting point from which the guiding activity of the Lodge of the 12 began, starting with the first of them. After we had received the Self from the Elohim, it (the Self) first entered our astral body, around the end of Lemuria, to start transforming it, with the help of the Soul and the crucial support of the Gods, into a Sentient Soul, which (this Sentient Soul) was immediately attacked by the Luciferic beings and as a result of this attack, we started to crave for impressions from Earth. Had there been no tempters’ attack back then, we would have turned towards (we would have had our eyes open for) the material world after the mid Atlantean epoch, and it would have been in a spiritual way. In the early stages of the Atlantean epoch the Self penetrated the etheric body and gave the beginning of its transformation into the Intellectual Soul, which was later, in the middle of the epoch, targeted by the Ahrimanic spirits, for it was the Intellectual Soul where man first felt the gleam of the Self. And what Ahriman and his legions hate most is the human freedom, a child (product) of the independent efforts of the Self. The unconscious ”original sin” from Lemuria became to some extent conscious, which caused us to physically open our eyes also for the sight below the waist, which sight we covered with ”fig leaves”. Until then we had been living semi-spiritual life (existence). It was a moment in the middle of the Atlantean epoch (which we are looking for) when, thanks to Ahriman, the act of earthly conception was physically materialised and the Bodhisattvas began their work. The purpose of their work upon completion of their earthly task was that each of the 12 would internally develop an original image of an ability, which, after a certain period of time, would be transformed into a universal ability common to all mankind. The earlier in time such an ability is developed (as an ”original image”), the later it would manifest among all people – in time when their soul organisation would be completely different from the epoch when the ”original image” was created. Perhaps this is the reason why Steiner did not talk about the first Bodhisattvas, who became Buddhas in those distant epochs and which would ”reflect” upon humanity (the ability they have developed would reflect upon humanity) thousands of years after our time? However, in the light of the above mentioned clarifications, we would try to figure out to some extent the first Bodhisattva, so that we can grasp the spiritual logic of his deeds, and the spiritual logic of the deeds of his future fellow brothers.

Somewhere between the 18th and the 21st day after conception, the human Soul starts working over the embryo’s physical body in the mother’s womb. The embryo starts growing visibly and forming physically (to turn into a foetus), but, as we have already emphasised, to a high extent, the process consists of pouring spiritual powers from the Wisdom of God towards the embryo. Our state from the mid Atlantean epoch onwards, when our physical body resembled a very pliable formation (very different from the current one we have), which the Hierarchies of the Heavenly Sophia worked upon, was analogical to it (our state was analogical to that of the embryo). Undoubtedly, the first Bodhisattva took part in that process, soaring endlessly in the spiritual heights above the human vessel, through whom he was fulfilling his task. When the vessel was passing away the Bodhisattva was not suffering death, as he would in the ages to come, because his genesis (his existence) was almost entirely spiritual in character. The individual ability which he developed could reflect universally only among beings, who are no longer using the common physical way of procreation and are having an immortal etheric-spiritual existence. And such beings would be living during the Sixth Root Race on a continent which is now being formed in the bowels of the Pacific Ocean. What would the ability itself be and how would it reflect (over humanity)? – probably only a true Christian Initiate could say.

There was the same soaring above the human vessel with the second Bodhisattva, who was performing his task in different circumstances. In the late Atlantean epoch the Self penetrated the physical body, caused the nascence (formation) of the Consciousness Soul, we saw our whole physical body, the first rays of the thinking process shone and the human became an individualised soul being, who could call itself ”I”. Despite that, until the end of the Atlantean epoch, we continued to be completely dependent on the Gods in the same way the child is dependent on his/her mother, being in her womb. It is true that the Soul works over the body, and it is also true that the Self enters after the 21st day of conception, but these (the Soul and the Self) are not the main factors for its growth till it leaves the womb – the Wisdom of God is. In the same way, with the powers of the Heavenly Sophia and with his own powers, the second Bodhisattva developed the original image of new, unknown-to-us ability which would probably reflect among humanity during the First cultural age of the Sixth Root Race and would rather accentuate the human soul activity, while the ability of the first Bodhisattva, which should reflect among humanity during the Second cultural age of the Sixth Root Race, would accentuate the activity of the Self.

In conclusion we can say that the activity of the first two Bodhisattvas from the middle of the Atlantean epoch till its end was focused on the work over our physical body and could be compared to the time man spends in the mother’s womb. The exit (exodus) of the foggy and sinking Atlantis was dramatic, it happened loudly and in stages, in the same way a child comes out of the dark mother’s womb – in stages, dramatically and with a cry, to take over its own independent development in daylight (under the heavenly rainbow). The Fourth Root Race together with its seven sub races came to an end – this was a time which was devoted mainly to the development of our physical body, to give way to the Fifth Root Race with its seven cultural ages – a time when we were supposed to plunge deeper into our bodies and to deepen our soul life, so that we could receive in us the Power of a single Self,  Which was (and would still be) the only thing that could turn us into the tenth Hierarchy and lead us all the way till the end of the Creation!

The superhuman Avatar Manu, with a view to save the future of humanity, extracted the most advanced and capable-to-develop-the-thinking-process people out of the sinking Atlantis. This flow (flock) of people reached today’s Gobi desert, which in those times was a flourishing area, and laid the foundations of the Ancient Indian cultural age. Another flow (flock), led by the two great Initiates-Adepts (disciples of Manu at the Sun Oracle of Atlantis) later known as Scythian/Scythianos and Zarathustra, populated vast territories in Europe and Asia. And while Zarathustra was more focused on Asia, the main task of Scythian was to participate in the formation of such soul organisation in the future European nations, which would make them able to accept the Word and understand His Sacrifice. The great-scale activity of the two Adepts was completely synchronised with the Lodge of the 12 and it was not in vain that Steiner called them ”Bodhisattvas”. And at this stage it would be also hard to tell what the third Bodhisattva did, after he took the baton from his predecessor (the second Bodhisattva). And yet, let us try to shed some light on this question using the same method of analogy.

After being separated from the physical body of the mother (the Heavenly Sophia) by the act of cutting the umbilical cord, we start developing our own body, but the two bodies resemble each other, because the bond with the etheric body of the mother remains very strong until the 7th year. Following the same pattern, the main factor for cultural development shifted from the physical body in the Atlantean epoch to the etheric body in the first cultural age of the post-Atlantean epoch. The wisdom of the Holy Rishis in this age was entirely a repetition of the Atlantean one and was revealed in images, not in concepts (ideas, words). If we travelled back to that time and, using today’s intellect, we started talking, no one would understand a word. The life of our Self was yet to plunge (dive) deeper within us and the great Atlantean Wisdom, which was flowing in a changing form all the way through time until the Turning Point of Time, was yet to be dressed by us in concepts. Concepts did not exist back then and it was important not what the Teacher was saying, but what the quality of His Soul was, what it (His Soul) contained and what images it evoked in the Souls of those who listened. As a semi-cosmic being and being the major one among the Teachers-Adepts, the Bodhisattva was still soaring high above his earthly vessel, without descending (coming down) to real incarnation and without suffering death. Being connected to it (his earthly vessel) in an astral way only, he (the Bodhisattva) was not able to utilise all elements of its brain, and his Intellectual and Consciousness Souls were not developed yet. However, compared to the others he was very advanced in connecting with the etheric body (of the earthly vessel), which enabled him to convey news from the spiritual worlds, to give impetus for movement towards the future and to become a messenger of the things which people would perceive with their astral bodies during the Second cultural age. Thus, during the Ancient Indian age, at the moment of his rising to the rank of ”Buddha”, the Bodhisattva built up something in his etheric body, which turned it (turned the etheric body) into something similar to an astral one, and it was namely that thing which would become the main factor for cultural development during the next Ancient Persian age. We would now try to give an answer at least partially to the question, whether what he created manifested only back then, or whether it would also manifest in a very distant future age.

The etheric body is connected with Time. In a short lecture, Steiner said, that in the 6th millennium BC, mankind celebrated the Great New Year of Earth. To explain the nature of that experience, he made an analogy between the life cycles of plants and humans. While sleeping (during the night) our superior nature (the Self and the astral body) is out of our inferior nature (the physical and the etheric bodies), the former being asleep and the latter being awake and growing (having the growth process running in it). It is the opposite during the day – our superior nature returns and, being awake, it starts ”eating up” our sleeping inferior nature. Plants are asleep and growing during spring and summer, and they are truly awake only during the time between Christmas and Epiphany, when they are not growing (the growth process has ceased), but their consciousness bonds with the mineral consciousness of the Earth. From Anthroposophy we know that in spring Earth’s Self and Soul leave the planetary body and travel to stellar worlds, where, while in reduced (decreased) consciousness, they experience, during the summer, the secrets of the Universal Wisdom. In autumn, they (Earth’s Self and Soul) start returning so that, in the beginning of the winter, they could merge once again with the planetary mineral kingdom (body), consciously remembering what they have experienced (lived through) among the stars during the above mentioned period. While merging with the mineral kingdom the plants also become aware of those universal secrets and are able to contemplate how, as per their effect, they would grow during the spring, they would put forth leaves and blossoms (grow leaves and bloom/blossom), to finally bear fruit and fulfill their destiny. The same way that plants‘ consciousness (i.e. their Group Selves) bonds with the consciousness of minerals at New Year (the 12 Holy Days and Nights), in the 6th millennium BC, the consciousness of our Soul made a bond with the consciousness of our astral body, to enable us to contemplate the vast Universal Wisdom. This Universal knowledge gained at that time was the source, which Zarathustra as well as all the Initiates all the way to the Gnostics at the Turning Point of Time, drew on. And with the Gnostics at the Turning Point of Time, the last rays of this Universal knowledge completely faded away. While plants come ”face to face” with Cosmos once a year during the Holy Days (the 12 Holy Days and Nights), the Cosmic Consciousness, which humanity experienced in the 6th millennium BC, would be experienced again 12,000 years later. Steiner, however, does not give the exact year of the first experience in order for us to date precisely the next one. Could we find out when it occurred first?

We should be taking into consideration the inscription on Khan Omourtag’s stone column in Pliska, as per which the most accurate calendar on Earth – the Bulgarian cyclical solar (Sun) calendar – has the year 5,505 BC as beginning of its chronology, without stating a specific date. Angel Manev (Angel is the first name of the person – translator’s note) and Tanio Tanev from Stara Zagora were the only ones who decided to find out what the date was, researching the question by applying the interdisciplinary method, without which it would be unthinkable to approach it in a serious way and unravel that immensely difficult but at the same time inspiring topic, called ”the Bulgarian Mystery”. What did they find?

Astronomers know that satellites rotate around planets, planets rotate around the Sun, and that it takes about 26,000 years for the Sun, together with all of them (satellites and planets), to make one complete round around the Zodiac circle, orbiting around a twin star in the constellation of Pisces, called ’’Zeta-Revati”. From Sri Yukteswar (the guru of the famous Paramahansa Yogananda) we learn about another rotation, within the boundaries of the one we just mentioned, with duration of two cycles of 12,000 years each, the first one depending on the spring equinox and the second – on the autumn equinox. Both rotations though are related to the same center, which the East calls ’’the Door to the Unseen”, for there the ’’domain (residence/seat) of Brahma” is. When the autumn equinox enters (the sign of) Aries, the Sun is closest to the ”door” and our mental and sensory abilities are at their highest strength for revealing (understanding) the secrets of the spiritual worlds, and when, in 12,000 years, the autumn equinox enters the opposite sign of Libra, the fall into the material (world) would be the greatest, thus weakening most our spiritual abilities. Then they start strengthening to reach, once again, their peak in 12,000 years. The end of the 12,000-year descending period and the beginning of the ascending one are connected with the Mesarthim star from the sign of Aries. Manev and Tanev checked astrologically each day of the whole year 5,505 BC, searching for that star constellation in which the first day of the Bulgarian calendar could be found. And they did find it – the 15th August! The position of the stars is really impressive: all planets, together with the Sun, are above the horizon, five of them (including the Sun) are culminating in Virgo, Jupiter marks the Change (Turn) of Time, and beneath is the rising Lilith with its stagnating powers. At the point in time (at the moment) when the Moon crosses the separating line between Zeta-Revati in Pisces and joins Mesarthim in Aries ’’the gong is hit’’ to announce the Change (Turn) of Time. They even fixed the exact time: 9 hours, 49 minutes and 7 seconds. In personal conversation with Manev, I understood that, according to him, at that time it was not just the beginning of having the materialistic mindset, but it was the moment of our very descent from spiritual to earthly existence. In short – here is the Day of Creation! Ancient Bulgarians did not think like that for sure. Despite their wrong conclusion, Manev and Tanev’s contribution is indisputable and deserves admiration. As to the calendar itself, it is very similar to the calendar from the ’’Book of Enoch”, which Enoch received during the Atlantean epoch from the Archangel Uriel but after he was ’’taken to Heaven”. Whether Enoch is a symbol of the Fifth Semitic sub-race, which was taken as the seed for the Fifth Root Race, whether he is the first (or the second) Atlantean Bodhisattva or whether he is something else, we cannot say yet, but more important here is the fact that Uriel is related to the Old Saturn aeon, when time emerged (came into being). And only the most ancient people have had the privilege to stay in close contact with the keeper of the wisdom of time. Another interesting aspect of the Bulgarian calendar is the use of number 12 as main time cycle – the number 12 itself is derived from the duration for which the planet of Wisdom (Jupiter) completes a full revolution around the Sun. We may also add to that the date 15th August. During the Christian era, it became the feast of the Virgin Sophia – the earthly representative of the Wisdom of God.

Taking into consideration all the facts, we can boldly state that in the year 5,505 BC mankind experienced the Great Universal New Year on Earth, the third Bodhisattva became Buddha, experienced the Universal secrets of Wisdom, imprinted them in his etheric body and later the Bulgarians set that year as the initial one of their calendar. As the nation responsible for the entire evolution of the Self for all humanity, they (the Bulgarians) have always had special bond with the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas because its main task is exactly the same – to develop (build) the ’’I’’ self-consciousness of man. Following the same approach, what the third Bodhisattva developed in his etheric body reflected during the second post-Atlantean age in the astral bodies of the people living then, because the experience of the astral body became the factor for cultural development. If the previous age was a kind of a repetition of the Polarian epoch, when unity reigned, now the separation between good and evil came to the foreground as reflection of the separation in the Hyperborean epoch between the Sun – the Good, from the Moon (including the Earth; Moon plus Earth) – as the Evil. What the third Bodhisattva had developed manifested! Using the same approach as a key to unlock the ’’Bodhisattva Mystery’’, we ascertain the following: after the seventh year the child lays aside the etheric shell (body) of the mother and starts building up its own etheric body, but it is still dependent on her astral shell. Similar was the dependence of the people living in the second cultural age, feeling the influence from the etheric body of the third Bodhisattva, affecting them as an astral body. Owing to this influence people experienced the transition from a unit (one) into a couple (two) in their astral bodies, and this transition manifested most vividly in the ancient Zarathustra, who was speaking about the Sun Spirit Ormuzd (Ohrmuzd) and the dark Moon Spirit Angra Mainyu. He was the first man on Earth who was so affected by the deeds (the product) of the third Bodhisattva that he could understand in his astral body what had been experienced during the Universal New Year and he could perceive the monumental knowledge of the spiritual worlds, which the Holy Rishis had conveyed in images in the previous age. And he not only perceived it and understood it with his mind, but he also started putting it in human concepts (words, terms) and teaching it to his disciples in his schools. Being the most prominent follower of the third Bodhisattva, Zarathustra turned into a model (original image) for humans on how to distinguish evil and became the bridge, via which, his Teacher made his way through up till the Seventh Post-Atlantean cultural age when the ability he developed would manifest as Power to distinguish evil but not with the etheric body acting as astral one, but with the Life-Spirit (the Buddhi Principle), descending towards the etheric body and being so closely bonded with the Cosmic Christ and the Lodge of the 12. Then, in the year 6,495 AD (5,505 years till the Turning Point of Time plus another 6,495 years to follow equals 12,000 years – translator’s note), we would experience again the Universal New Year on Earth, the Moon would join the Earth (the two would unite into one) and the-already-formed ’’Race of the Good” should possess not only the Ability to distinguish the evil in the returning Moon, but also the Power to transform it into Good. The model (original image) of the latter (the Power to transform Evil into Good) was the God-Man Christ with His First and Second Golgotha, while the human model (original image) was yet to become one of the 12.

Here comes the great tragedy of the East, which does not understand the Christ. If we stick to what Sri Yukteswar wrote, it appears that in the year 6,495 AD we would be furthest away from ’’the Door to the Unseen”, with our spiritual abilities being at their weakest, and thus being completely unprepared for the return of the Moon. Can we reach a consensus between him and Steiner? Yes, we can! The unification with the Moon would practically mean a passing of our ’’Self” consciousness through the consciousness of our astral body and this very process would cause us to experience the event, called by Steiner ’’the Universal New Year on Earth”. This would find us being furthest away from the ’’the Door to the Unseen”, but, on the other hand, we should have developed such Strength of the Self that would enable us to cope with this challenge just as the Saviour did on the Cross, being furthest away from His Father! The return of the Moon would cause such a colossal unleashing of the evil in the astral bodies of those from the Non-Christian ’’Race of Evil” (the Race which would not have recognised the Power of Christ), that it (the unleashed evil) would spark ’’the War of All against All” and it would be the living manifestation (image) of the greatest descent of a particular part of humanity deep into the material (world). A period of ascent on a new continent would follow the end of the War and the gradual approach to the ’’Domain (residence/seat) of Brahma’’ for the next new 12,000 years would begin”. Herewith, we showed how the Eastern and the Western Wisdom could meet in Anthroposophy in order to better understand the ’’Bodhisattva” Mystery, in which Christ’s Will is and would be manifesting up until the very end of the physical existence of the Earth. And now let us continue our journey!

As we have already pointed out, Scythian/Scythianos was having a great influence over the masses of people leaving the sinking Atlantis and heading towards the newly-forming continent Europe. Under his guidance, the Atlantean Initiates established three initiation centres (with their locations) forming something like an equilateral triangle. The first one, situated in the North, near today’s Arkhangelsk and the White Sea, was devoted to the development of intellect (the thought). That was the place where the famous Drott (Trott) Mysteries would later emerge from. The second one, which was formed on the territory of today’s Spanish city Santiago de Compostela, was devoted to the development of sensation (the feeling). This city is indirectly connected to the Mystery of the Grail with the help of Saint Jacob. The mystic ’’Camino the Journey to Santiago’’, which starts from southern France and passes through the Pyrenees and northern Spain, ends at that place. And the third center was established near Varna, at a place where nowadays the Aladzha Monastery is situated and it was devoted to the development of the will power (the will). The Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno confirmed the presence of Atlantean Initiates at that place. The Aladzha Monastery itself is still a mystic place being haunted by an etheric-spiritual being. The last time it appeared to group of people it stated that ’’the time is coming’’. An employee of the monastery has shared excitedly that a rise of the Bulgarian nation lies ahead.

The goal behind the establishment of these three centers was to develop slowly and continuously for thousands of years in silence (while at the same time the first and second post-Atlantean cultures were unfolding in the East) the three faculties (features) of the soul among the European population, which at a certain point (moment) would cause the passing of the culturally defining factor from the bodies to the Soul. This transition was accomplished by the fourth Bodhisattva around the period between 3,500 and 3,450 BC in Rila Mountain, where, according to Beinsa Douno, one of the most ancient spiritual Schools on Earth existed. In ancient times Rila, Pirin and Olympus were parts of a single mountain range with height of about 9,000 meters. In time, it became lower and divided, but the highest ridges of Rila never sunk under water. Right there – at the School of Rila, six centuries before the start of the Third cultural age, the Bodhisattva performed in his astral body a synthesis of the intellectual, sensual and volitional (of the will power) products from the three initiation centres (situated at the angles) of the European triangle, uniting them through the Principle of Wisdom, like a center of an equilateral triangle, in order to pave the way for human evolution from the astral body towards the Sentient Soul. His astral body, being in complete harmony, resembled a Sentient Soul united with the Wisdom of God. He became a Buddha! The synthesis was performed with the help of Wisdom in Rila (the mountain of Wisdom), because, until Golgotha, Love could not access the human astral body freely, and Love received such free access to the human astral body after Pentecost with (through) the first Christian virtue – Faith. At that point, the task for Wisdom was to harmonise our three soul faculties, manifesting mainly in (through) our astral body as follows: the intelligence, as a ’’rapacious eagle”, the emotion, as a ’’roaring lion”, and the will power, as an ’’angry bull”, and these were the main causes for our alienation from It (the Wisdom). The way of taming these three ’’animals” was to acquire special beauty at the time of the fifth Bodhisattva, but we would see their true harmonisation, with Love as a center, during the Sixth cultural age within the (synthesis of the) seventh Bodhisattva, when he would manifest his completely transformed by the Spirit-Self ’’body of glory”. The execution of a plan, a plan of which we learn (again) from the seventh Bodhisattva (Beinsa Douno), would complete about one thousand years earlier.

In the beginning of the 20th century Beinsa Douno said that there was a spiritual plan for the Bulgarians from 5,400 years ago, which has been unfolding through the ages mainly for the purpose of these fateful times nowadays. The beginning of this Plan amazingly coincides with the rise of the Fourth Bodhisattva to the rank of ”Buddha” in Rila, when he not only accomplished the transition from the astral body to the Sentient Soul, but at the same time he also gave a mighty impetus to the evolution of the Self, which led to the formation of multiple nations on Earth, in which each single man began to feel (realise) that he is part of the corresponding nation. We cannot talk about national self-consciousness in the First and the Second post-Atlantean ages as the clairvoyance still existed and the intervention of the spiritual world in people’s destiny was so visible (obvious) that people perceived what was happening in the physical world more like an illusion rather than reality. We can firmly state that the miracle in Rila was the turning point when the stepping stones for the origin of national self-consciousness were laid first among our forefathers on the Balkan peninsula, which they later spread in all directions of the world. Not coincidentally, Beinsa Douno said that ’’Bulgarians are the most ancient nation on Earth”. Man’s Soul first had to realise itself as a part of a nation, and only then it could acquire an individual Self self-consciousness (self-consciousness with the Self) and meet the Cosmic Self of the Christ. One of the main inspirers of the formation of nations in the vast Eurasian area was the mysterious Scythian/Scythianos, who in his monumental activity used our nation (the Bulgarian nation) as main civilising tool. We would talk later about the Bulgarians and Scythian, whose name comes from the verb ’’sak”- to roam (in Bulgarian language the name Scythian or ‘’Skitiyan’’ and verb ‘’skitam’’, to roam, have the same root ‘’skit-‘’). And now let us have a look at the Third cultural age, when the Sentient Soul, developed by the fourth Bodhisattva, became the cause/factor for cultural development.

From all  we said above, it could be noticed that the Bodhisattvas were ahead of the general course of human evolution, cultivating in advance the abilities of a new physical, soul and in the future also spiritual human constituent (element), which would be experienced by the rest during the next age and would even reflect further away in future time. What happened during the Third cultural age? The key of analogy that we have already used takes us to the 14th year of human’s life when the adolescent lays aside the astral shell of the mother and starts building up his/her own astral body until reaching the 21st year. During the Third cultural age, we were to develop and use the abilities of our Sentient Soul, which correspond to the period between the 21st and the 28th year of human’s life, but we, essentially, were still in the preceding period between the 14th and the 21st year. Someone had to tame ’’the animals” in our astral body and do something with our Sentient Soul.

Man’s Sentient Soul rose and was evolving ever since Lemuria, but it became a cultural development factor only in that age, which manifested under the sign of the number three. After the division of the Moon from the Earth during Lemuria, the triad Sun-Moon-Earth reflected then in the triad of Osiris-Isis-Horus. ‘’The Division” in Divinity caused the emergence of a great number of nations on Earth, which perceived themselves namely (exactly) as separate nations, speaking different languages. Whether there was an original common language, with which all humanity could communicate, we cannot claim yet for sure, but the ‘’destruction of the Tower of Babel” occurred after the emergence of the multitude of languages (nations). Lucifer incarnated at the start of Kali Yuga and then the myth of Prometheus originated. There is an occult rule saying that each Luciferic effort and each Luciferic construction (each Luciferic striving to build/construct) would inevitably lead afterwards to (cause) the destructive and crashing (crash-landing) Karma-Ahriman (to occur/appear). Ahriman divided the ’’original common” language, destroyed the Tower of Babel and, among its debris, the formation of the separate nations began in the astral bodies of people, with their eyes irreversibly fixed upon the (outer) physical world. The fifth Bodhisattva rose to the rank of Buddha again among the Bulgarians, just as the fourth one did, so that the human evolution could take the direction, destined by the God’s Providence (Idea), part of which Providence is also the-already-mentioned Plan for our nation (the Bulgarian nation). That Bodhisattva (the Fifth One) was Orpheus! What did he do?

Using his music as main tool, the Bodhisattva was not just “taming the animals” in the astral bodies of the Bulgarians, but also awoke in their Sentient Souls something that did not exist in any man on Earth. Music was physically heard, but the Sentient Soul subconsciously felt that it (the music) was “coming from the clouds, where Light is born (exists)”. The source of Light is the Sun and it was rising and shining in the Sentient Soul of the listeners. This Sun was Christ, Who was about to “get dressed” in a physical body, to be physically heard and seen, but the humans would only start to truly understand Him with the mind in our present days with the Spiritual Science. Ever since that time Orpheus was preparing us, as with the music he awoke such powers in our Sentient Soul which would rise with time from sub-consciousness to consciousness and be transformed by the Consciousness Soul to turn into what we know today as a logical thinking process. The Bodhisattva planted (put in) the thinking potency in the Sentient Soul, because to us it was material and objective enough and with its help we perceived the surrounding world in a far more spiritual way than the way we perceive and act upon the “environment” now. The memory about previous (past) lives also existed. It should be admitted that we did not have our own thoughts yet , however, the live perception of outer (surrounding) world and the comparison of the material with the spiritual led after all to the emergence (nascency) of the concepts (ideas/terms). Geometry, Astrology and many other sciences emerged. What had been experienced and learnt from Zarathustra, from the Universal New Year and from the Holy Rishis had to be physically applied (executed). The cultures of Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Chaldea, etc flourished. And even though the sciences were not yet purely human, purely physical sciences, because the concepts of the higher worlds were obtained by the Priests in supersensible way (manner) and they could not become aware of the very process, according to Steiner, as an instance, the doctors of today do not deserve (are not worthy) to serve a glass of water to those Initiates back then. It would be sufficient to just take a look at the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian proverbs, traditions, legends and myths or at the modern atavistic “healers”, to feel the greatness of knowledge and abilities, possessed by the Teachers (Initiates) of the Third age, when the ancient Gnosis emerged. The concepts of the Gnosis, though, could not become agents to Orpheus for the future logical thinking process. With his lyre and his godlike music, he not only became the leader of all ancient bards, wandering around the Earth, but he also turned into the great preparer of (the one who prepared) humanity for understanding of Christ. It is his dictum which says: “Humans are mortal Gods and Gods are immortal humans! And blessed is each one, (whom) who understands these words!” Only when we truly understand the words of the dictum, right then we would get the essence of his task as a great preparer of (the one who would prepare) humanity for the physical coming of the Christ, and, right then, it would become clear why images of Orpheus shown as crucified on cross or on lyre exist.

From the Greek culture in the next Fourth cultural age till today we have the myth of Apollo playing his lyre preserved, which is actually a Bulgarian myth and leads us to Orpheus. Apollo is the Nathan Soul, and the salvation of our soul’s three faculties and our astral body by the Christ through the Nathan Soul at the end of Atlantis, was then reflecting with Orpheus‘ music down in the astral bodies of Bulgarians. Orpheus is something like the “incarnated” Apollo, he is “the son of Apollo” and he lived in the time, when the past strong etheric clairvoyance, called “Eurydice” (the etheric body of man is female), and reached with obliterated Self-consciousness, was already fading. Eurydice was “bitten” by “the snake” (the spiritual Wisdom being haunted and captured by Lucifer), she “died” and Apollo (Orpheus), “pleasing” the Gods with his lyre and music, went down to “the underworld” (in the past) to find her. On his way back he was forbidden to look back at her (the old etheric clairvoyance), but was obliged to look only ahead towards “the Sun”, i.e. towards the new clairvoyance, achieved with the powers not of the bodies, but of the Soul (the Self). “Apollo”, however, turned back to what he was before, losing thus (in that moment) Eurydice eternally and turning into “Orpheus”. The Bodhisattva became Buddha, but at the cost of tearing apart the connection between his individual Self and the Higher Self. He was the first human being, who suffered in advance the tragedy of the descending-towards-physical-and-earthly Self, being crucified on the lyre (the thinking potency) and on the Earthly Cross. This though was the only way he could develop his Intellectual Soul before anyone else and give (offer) it to humans to experience it in the next age. While within the Sentient Soul, the Self felt itself like a part of the nation (Father Abraham and I are one), within the Intellectual Soul, the Self, with the help of the thinking process, identified itself as a separate personality. Orpheus became the great preparer of humanity for the individualised welcoming of the physically-incarnated Christ, Who, after the triple salvation (saving our 12 senses and the physical body at the end of Lemuria, saving our 7 main vital organs and the etheric body at the beginning of Atlantis, and saving our three soul faculties and the astral body at the end of Atlantis) through (via) the Nathan Soul in the supersensible worlds, would further then be saving our Self in the physical world (plan).

From what has already been said, it is clear that Buddha-Orpheus and the Buddha from Rila rose to Nirvana while dwelling the lands of the Bulgarians. Whether in 5,505 BC the third Bodhisattva rose to the rank of Buddha in our lands too, we do not know yet, but, according to Steiner, all post-Atlantean cultural ages are represented in some way at the mysterious coasts (area) of the Black Sea. As we already pointed out, our ancient predecessors were taking colonising journeys (were setting out colonising conquests) in order to civilize other nations and to lay the foundations of new cultures in all directions of the world, which had been proved by large numbers of interdisciplinary evidence. They had always been physically present in lands where something new was rising (emerging), and what could be newer than the rise of a Bodhisattva to the rank of Buddha!

Continuing with our main subject, we would mention yet another Bulgarian who played a great role in human evolution – Dionysus! We would talk not about the “old” Dionysus from a much earlier age, who was a supersensible being, but about the physically incarnated “young” Dionysus, who set out that illustrious conquest to India about a hundred years (according to Steiner) before Orpheus and turned the local coloured Dravidians (the gypsies) from primitive beings into a nation with great culture. Dionysus and the “Scythian prince” Rama were one and the same personality, but it is an open question whether there is another Rama hidden behind the “old” Dionysius. However, from Anthroposophy we know for sure, that he was the first Teacher of the Self and that “after his death his Soul poured into the intellectual culture of humanity and is still present there”. After the incarnation of Lucifer, Dionysus was the most prominent, physically-existing representative of the Luciferic principle. Moreover, thanks to his conquest to India, a few centuries later the sixth Bodhisattva managed to rise to the rank of Buddha namely among the Indian nation, while the fifth one (Orpheus), according to the famous myth, was torn apart by the “bacchantes.” The bacchantes symbolise the degrading Dionysus‘ cult towards the Sun, which was turned into passions and into earth elements. Here is how the Dionysus’ (the Luciferic) principle and the Apollo’s (the Christ’s) principle met in Orpheus. The first one was individualising the Self and was simultaneously turning the astral body into a fighting arena of the three soul faculties, while the second one was trying to harmonise them with music. Orpheus could not reconcile them and was torn apart because they could have only been united by a Being, coming from different (another) direction. At the Turning Point of Time the two cults manifested in the shepherds and the wise men (the Magi) to meet/unite in Christ, but later they were separated again in the course of human development because of the unpreparedness of the humans themselves. In our land we could nowadays find a lot of atavistic relics from Dionysus in the kukeri (kukers)/ mummers, in the nestinari/fire dancers, in the feast of “Trifon Zarezan”, etc., while Orpheus could be rather found in the music, dance, etc. What both of them (Orpheus and Dionysus) had laid in the souls of the Bulgarians back then, has now, in the age of the Consciousness Soul, firmly (explicitly) manifested into their intelligence making them capable of: creating “something out of nothing”, dealing with all kinds of situations, (and) convincingly fitting (themselves) among different cultures. Shall we also mention our children, winning all medals in international competitions in Mathematics, Informatics, etc.?!

Orpheus, however, completed only a part of the task related to the Consciousness Soul. The other part would have been accomplished by the sixth Bodhisattva in the Fourth post-Atlantean age, who would have laid the foundations of another capacity (quality) in our soul life. As a result of the long way that had been passed since the Atlantean flood on, humans reached considerable individualisation, but at the expense of the ability to remember past lives, which faded out (that ability faded out). In the previous age, the remembering was done via the much more objective and material Sentient Soul, but then via the considerably more vague, bloated, inner-felt Soul of Intellect and Feeling, which humans could not use as a tool for entering (breakthrough to) their past incarnations. The bond with the Earth since the Third cultural age turned into a cult of the body and earthly life became priceless. As a reflection of the Atlantean epoch, when at night we used to communicate with the countless beings of the spiritual worlds, this age was still full of Gods, but they were experienced in a far more abstract and anthropomorphic way. Dionysus was reborn as Plato and was still keeping a lively attitude towards the spiritual world. He was using (handling) the concepts of the physical world in their old shape from the presiding age when these were conquered by the Priests in supersensible way/manner, but then his disciple Aristotle came forward and he asked himself the question whether he was capable of coining with his own efforts concepts (terms) about the spiritual worlds, which would separate human from these worlds and would create (new) entirely earthly sciences. Into the physical world he was introducing old concepts from the presiding age, which had been discovered by the Priests in supersensible way, but there was his disciple Aristotle, who asked himself the question whether he was capable of finding new concepts about the spiritual worlds, which would separate humans from these worlds and would create new purely earthly sciences. Despite being rather vague, the idea of reincarnations (still) existed with Plato, while Aristotle abandoned the notion of rebirth, coined the ten earthly concepts and sent Alexander to spread his achievement around the world, because only with (through) such notion it could be noticed that the Earth’s evolution was penetrated by an Impulse, Which was different from the whole post-Atlantean Wisdom, originating from Atlantis. The Christ’s Impulse had to be consciously realised so that with His Power we could take the way back from matter towards Spirit.

Until the beginning of the Fourth cultural age humans were not able to give anything, coming out of their own soul (spirit), back to the Bodhisattvas. Even the so important decision about what was good and what was evil was brought down through (to) them from above. There was yet another “mechanism” except this one: whenever man did something wrong (bad) he would immediately see in astral way the vengeful Erinyes and Furies to realise that he had caused harm. The expression “whizzing (soughing) like a Fury” still exists in the Bulgarian language proving that the names of the spiritual beings in the Greek and some later mythologies originated from the Bulgarians.

And right then came the time for something to appear inside of us, something which we could give/present to the Bodhisattvas and the sixth of them would “dress” in flesh, to experience that unknown-to-him feeling, which did not exist in the spiritual worlds. Until the 6th century BC none of them reached (the state of) true incarnation. At some point between Aeschylus (the 6th century BC) and Euripides (the 5th century BC) the humans heard (got) their “inner voice”, called “conscience”, the sixth Bodhisattva entirely descended upon (incorporated within) the 29-year-old son of (king) Suddhodana, attained enlightenment under the “Bodhi” tree (the fig tree) and turned into Buddha, because the power of recognising (knowing) compassion and love had already been born in his heart, and this knowledge he later gave to his disciples in the form of “The Teaching Of The Noble Eightfold Path”, showing the way for future human development. It took him only one incarnation (and that was enough for him) to see the way we would walk, in relation to our inner soul (mental) development, during the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh post-Atlantean ages. The “tool” for his transformation into Buddha was the conscience, whose origin in humans he did not only foresee but he also radiated it (the conscience) as an impulse out of himself, developed his Consciousness Soul and experienced the teaching of compassion and love namely in that highest/greatest part of his Soul. Humanity was at the age of the Intellectual Soul, and that is why Buddha aimed his teaching at it in order for the teaching to work inside man and in time, when the Consciousness Soul would have become the factor for cultural development, to emerge and reveal itself there as “The Noble Eightfold Path”. So, the penetration into the Intellectual Soul was accomplished via the Consciousness Soul, but as the development of the first was making the brain hard and unperceptive for such knowledge, Buddha needed softer (more fictile) brain, typical for the Third cultural age. And he found it in India, where Dionysus had created civilization based on the principle of caste division (synarchy). The son of (king) Suddhodana was born in the clan of Sakya (Shakya) and Sakya were the Saka, the Bulgarians from Scythia. It might sound strange but beside the popular images of Gautama Buddha, there are also images of him being fair-skinned and blue-eyed. Bulgarians had blue or brown eyes, blond, ginger or brown hair. They were not mongoloid with yellowish skin and black slanted eyes. Attila, from the Dulo clan, himself was described by one of his contemporaries and eyewitnesses as a man with ginger hair and blue eyes, who knew Latin and Greek, being very thoughtful (polite) and honorable ruler, who had never attacked civilian sites. After all these fabrications in the so called “historiography” why should we be surprised if it turns out that the trace of the Bulgarians could be potentially even leading to the born-in-India Gautama Buddha?!

Of course, for the purpose of this study it is more important the fact that in India, in the age of the Intellectual Soul, he succeeded in replicating the previous human organisation (the Sentient Soul and the soft (fictile) brain) in order to implant in the Intellectual Soul a human capability of the future (The Noble Eightfold Path in the Consciousness Soul). Orpheus also used the Sentient Soul in the previous age, so that today we could have logical thinking process, because no powers existed in the Intellectual Soul for the development of the mental capabilities. If we add Dionysus to them, we would have the major pre-Christian preparers of the modern human thinking process.

Based on the above, it is obvious that, the closer to Earth the aspiring-for-incarnation Word was coming (descending), the more the Bodhisattvas “shrank“ and the smaller the distance between them and their earthly vessel was becoming, so that they could develop a part of their Soul. They were recreating man’s inner essence and after developing any capability, they implanted it in him. We would need to immediately clarify that when the Bodhisattva, by the end of his earthly task, created an original image (“prototype”) of any capability, after his death this “prototype” itself started acting (working) from the spiritual world as a Power, which would pour from above, thus giving each man the opportunity to develop within himself the same capability after a certain time. If we ask ourselves the question how to use the key of analogy, which we have chosen as a method, in relation to Gautama Buddha, the answer is as follows: he radiated the impulse of the conscience to the Sentient Soul (the period of human life between years 21-28), which was a symbol of the past, he developed the Consciousness Soul (the future) and he embraced with it the Intellectual Soul (his age, the age of the Intellectual Soul) from the inside. But the Intellectual Soul needed to also be embraced (encompassed) from the outside by another Being, acting in completely different way, which would not only teach it, but also sculpt and form it. Until then the Bodhisattvas were only re-creating man’s inner essence, while Christ had to re-create the whole human nature. While the Bodhisattvas were transforming their astral bodies into Spirit-Self, the Christ gave a mighty impulse for the transformation of the etheric body into Life-Spirit. After being those who prepared humanity for the coming of the Word, the next Bodhisattvas were going to become His followers. Until the Turning Point of Time, there were six of them who prepared humanity for His coming, and after, there would be six, who would follow Him. The transition to the new “position” (“employment“) was accomplished by the seventh Bodhisattva – the current one!

Steiner explicitly stated the he would rise to the rank of Buddha 5,000 years after he had received “the heavenly tiara”, i.e. as late as the Sixth cultural age. His preceding fellows were “distributed” one per each age, with the period between Orpheus and Gautama Buddha even being reduced down to seven centuries. Why did such a drastic change take place?

As indicated previously, during his sacrificial descend to Earth, the Macrocosmic Self of the Word was revealing Itself in different ways at the separate “levels” of the Heavenly Sophia. The most ancient Zarathustra talked about “The Great Spirit of the Sun.” The Sun sphere is the original habitat for the Gods of the Second Hierarchy – Dominions, Mights, Powers and it also includes the spheres of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. When the six pre-Christian Bodhisattvas descended towards their earthly vessels, thus bringing wisdom to humanity, they drew this wisdom on the Sun Logos, not directly, but with the help of the Moon-sphere (Mercury and Venus also included), represented by the Gods of the Third Hierarchy – Archai, Archangels and Angels. Up until the Turning Point of Time the six Bodhisattvas were showing us the Sun Logos as Moon Logos. They were “messengers of the Moon.”

After the Macrocosmic Self of the Word left the Sun and experienced Death and Resurrection on Earth, the other six Bodhisattvas could then be able to obtain their life forces directly from the source of the Mystery of Golgotha, in order to carry the Sun Wisdom of Christ in entirely new form, no longer necessary to pass via the Moon and use the powers of the Moon. Since Pentecost, the Sun-Christ entered every human Self, expecting to be found, so that, with His Power we could unite the Earth with the Moon in the seventh cultural age, and at a more distant age to also unite, within the higher spiritual worlds, the Earth with the Sun, in order to restore the triad of Sun-Moon-Earth, which had been lost during the Hyperborean epoch. The execution of such a magnificent design (plan) could not be achieved only with the Wisdom, even if being the Sun’s one, but it was the newborn-in-the-Self Wisdom, which turns into Love, that was also required. Christ made the great transformation turning the Macrocosmic Wisdom into Macrocosmic Love and ever since then the Bodhisattvas turned from Teachers of Wisdom into Teachers of Wisdom and Love.

The process of transforming their astral body into Spirit-Self also changed entirely. As per Luke’s Gospel there was one Angel (the former Guardian-Angel of Gautama Buddha, called Vidar) who appeared in front of the shepherds in the field and announced the birth of the Savior in the City of David, after which the shepherds saw “the Heavenly (Angelic) host”. This “host” is the “Nirmanakaya” of Gautama Buddha. But why was it not an indrawn (drawn-inward) “body”, why was it not a single angel (Spirit-Self), but a multitude (of the heavenly host)? Each of the previous six Bodhisattvas, after rising to the rank of Buddha, would only partially turn the astral body of the earthly vessel into Spirit-Self and this Spirit-Self would later manifest among humanity as Ability. The closer we got to the Turning Point of Time, the closer the Bodhisattva got to his metamorphosis into an Angel. When the shepherds saw the “Heavenly host” it consisted of the six “products” (Abilities) of the six Bodhisattvas, which had turned into special type of “beings”. As “the part” of Gautama Buddha was closest to the level of (the rank of) an “Angel” it accounted for the greatest part of the “host” and that was why it was seen by the shepherds in the etheric-astral world as angelic aura. “The Heavenly host” was formed six centuries earlier, when under the “Bodhi” tree the Bodhisattva reached enlightenment, so that it could head now towards the child Jesus (the Nathan Soul) in the manger (crèche) and immerse into his etheric body. In seven years (back then it was between the 5th and the 7th year) Jesus laid his mother’s etheric shell aside, Vidar took and preserved (enshrined) in his Life-Spirit those pure juvenile powers, which did not dissolve in the universal ether and, using them, he revived the etheric body of Jesus in the Gethsemane garden, when it (the etheric body of Jesus) had already been almost turned into microcosmic Life-Spirit by the Christ’s (Macrocosmic) Self, and was barely withstanding the break/fall of the physical body into pieces, which led to the appearance of the “sweat… as it were great drops of blood” (Luke 22:44, KJV).

In his 12th year while visiting Jerusalem, the Nathan Soul united with the Self of Zarathustra, laid aside the mother’s astral shell (as well), united with Buddha’s Nirmanakaya and Buddhism got so rejuvenated that it later manifested through John the Baptist in completely new form. Jesus himself learned about the three life-saving sacrifices of Christ through the Nathan Soul (i.e. through himself) as late as his 24th year, but he shared this with his mother only when he reached 30. After this conversation Mary turned into Virgin-Sophia and he left for (ran to) the River Jordan, so that the miracle of turning the Word into a man could begin, and so that His Death (which was to follow) could be experienced by the Nathan Soul as its own Fourth sacrifice.

Based on the above, we could deduce that the first Bodhisattva who would have the opportunity to completely transform his astral body into Spirit-Self would be the seventh one, because prior to the Mystery of Golgotha the powers for such transformation simply did not exist on Earth. As we already mentioned, the bond of the early Bodhisattvas with their earthly vessels was at the level of the astral body; with Orpheus it reached the etheric one, and with Gautama Buddha even the physical one, almost resembling earthly incarnation. After Gautama Buddha, we could expect that the seventh Bodhisattva would be able to, during all his descents – one in every 100 years at the course of 5,000 years, make the same strong bond with the bodies of his earthly vessel. Steiner mentioned only one such descent. One hundred and five years before the Turning Point of Time Yeshua ben Pandira became the messenger of the physical appearance of the Word, and because of it he was stoned to death by his adversaries and later crucified dead on a disgraceful cross. The early Bodhisattvas did not truly suffer (experience) death, Orpheus (if he was really killed) experienced it in much more perceptible way, Gautama Buddha ascended to heavens after natural death, and Yeshua ben Pandira experienced it in dramatic way, thus showing humanity what was going to happen with the Word Itself, when it “was made flesh” (John 1:14, KJV). We could state with great certainty that in his previous descents between the 6th and 2nd century BC the seventh Bodhisattva did not experience violent death, but in the year 105 BC he experienced it and the power to do so came from the conscience in his Sentient Soul. The origin (basis) of conscience in humans formed as a reflection of the three supersensible sacrifices of the Sun-Christ, and these sacrifices were also the main secret that was revealed to disciples in the pre-Christian mystery centers. Using it and the impulse of conscience, radiated by Gautama Buddha, as stepping stones, Yeshua ben Pandira fulfilled his task of being a messenger and preparer, but at the cost of his life. After Pentecost the Sun-Christ would start living in the Self of human as the Conscious (itself) – Christ, but it would still manifest through the Sentient Soul, until it “emerged” through the Intellectual Soul to reach the Consciousness Soul and penetrate it to such extent that man could make the Great Transition from it (from the Consciousness Soul) to the Spirit-Self.

The period in our lives connected to the experience of the Self within the Sentient, Intellectual and Consciousness Soul is called the “Sun period”.  If we use the chosen key method of analogy, we would once again ascertain how accurate it is. The seventh Bodhisattva started with experiencing conscience in his Sentient Soul, then he had to raise it into his Intellectual Soul, to experience it in his Consciousness Soul and when in the course of 5,000 years he would complete his entire Sun period, he would rise in the Sixth cultural age to the Spirit-Self to become the first of the Bodhisattvas, who would have entirely transformed his astral body into an “Angel” with the help of the Power of Christ’s Self within his Self. Later on in our presentation we would try to figure out how he had been coping with the task so far, but the reasonable question (that would come) here would be whether the Bodhisattva met directly at the physical plan (level) the Macrocosmic Self of Christ during his Three Earthly years, and what happened as a result of that meeting?

The New Testament recounts three raisings (resurrections) performed by the Savior.

The spiritual science states that in the 3 century AD the young man from Nain became (incarnated as) Mani and founded Manichaeism (Manichean religion). At the same time Lazarus was the only human, who was personally initiated by Christ, and that is why he could follow Him all the way to the Cross of Golgotha, to obtain from the crucified Word the profound gnostic understanding (in the light of Sophia) of what was happening and to write the greatest book of all times – “The Gospel of John”. In the “Revelation” he was also honoured with the privilege to take unique look at the past and the future of mankind, and in the 13th century AD in Arbanasi he became the central figure in that Mystery, which would in the 15th century give birth to Rosicrucianism.

However, Steiner said nothing about the next incarnations of the daughter of Jairus. As the Selves of the other two who were raised by the Christ (Lazarus and the young man from Nain) evolved to such great extent, it would be simply obligatory for us to ask the question: Whose Self was hiding (standing) behind the damsel, who was brought back to life with the Hierophantic invocation of the Word (“Talitha cumi“, Mark 5:41, KJV), said in ancient Bulgarian language? That damsel (the girl) was the seventh Bodhisattva! The Soul and the Self of the girl were the Soul and the Self of the Bodhisattva, born by her mother, who was present there together with the father and the three most prominent of the twelve disciples, when that sacral mystery (sacrament) occurred.

The lecture “The Great Battle on Earth” gives detailed explanation of the meaning of Christ’s salvation action, which for the sake of humanity healed the powers of the future (the female element) and paved the way to the Sixth cultural age when the Spirit-Self would descend towards the Consciousness Souls of those who would be worthy of accepting it. The most suitable personality, in whom the seed (of that age) to be planted, was the future Maitreya Buddha. Jairus‘ twelve-year-old daughter already had her own etheric body, but was not fertile yet (had not reached puberty yet). All constituents were out of the physical body: the etheric body, the astral (not built yet) body together with the astral shell of the mother, as well as the Soul and the Self of the Bodhisattva. Enlivening powers poured out from the etheric body of Jesus (that etheric body of Jesus was penetrated by Christ’s Self and was transformed to a great extent into Life-Spirit) to flow into the etheric body of the girl-altar (being an altar) and as a result she was physically brought back to life. The very moment the words “Talitha cumi” were said, the Self of the incarnated Logos embraced the basis (fetus) of the Intellectual Soul within the etheric body and got imprinted in it as conscience. As with the other two raisings (resurrections), the awakening (bringing back to life) and the imprinting were done while the consciousness of the neophyte was decreased, but the influence of the Bearer of the Buddhi Principle over the etheric body, and over the soul and spiritual nature of the Bodhisattva, was yet to be expressed – but consciously, within the next incarnations. Its future accelerated evolution as well as the purely physical resistance to the martyr “retorts” that were yet to follow would have been impossible without the etheric “feeding” done by Christ.

It is completely obvious that the personalities who were somehow, directly or indirectly, in contact with the Savior during the Three Years, were different from the personalities from the Christian flows (flocks) which we know. It was at the end of his life when Steiner learned from the Archai Michael about the secrets of the Platonic and Aristotelian flows (flocks) of Souls, of the school of Chartres, of Michael’s Sun School, etc. But some of the Souls, who had the rare privilege to experience any contact with the Logos at the Turning Point of Time, somehow form a separate flow (flock), which was more closely connected with the ancient Gnosis, with the Mystery of the Grail and, of course, with the Bodhisattvas. We mentioned already that what was experienced in the year 5,505 BC during the Universal New Year on Earth reflected in the Third cultural age on the origin and rise of the true esoteric Gnosis, which was being cultivated only in the deeply-hidden-from-the-outer-world “Mysteries of the Gnosis”, which were preserved as late as the beginning of the Christian era. They even survived until the European Middle Ages, but their form had been changed into, what Steiner calls, “Divine Mysteries”, and this form was already of exoteric character. The Gnostic scriptures, which were destroyed in the first Christian centuries, belonged to that exoteric Gnosis.

The representatives of the esoteric Gnosis at the Turning Point of Time had two entirely developed Souls – the Sentient Soul and the Intellectual Soul. The latter connected them directly with their historical age, while the former, after they “activated” the powers in it, enabled them to understand the great cosmic interrelationships at the act of the Mystery of Golgotha. Today that would be called “associative” thinking process. With the use of music, Orpheus (and Dionysus) laid the foundations in the Sentient Soul of our current abstract logical thinking process, being experienced in the Consciousness Soul, but it would be only the representatives of the true Gnosis of those days, who would be able today to master also the associative (thinking process) together with the abstract (thinking process), which would gradually turn the Consciousness Soul into imaginative and make it able to receive (accept) the Spirit-Self within it. Music, for sure, would play vital role in the lives of such individuals as it would immediately awake the best powers within their Sentient Soul and would greatly help for the transformation of the seemingly cold Consciousness Soul into a clairvoyant Consciousness Soul.

An outstanding representative of the Gnosis from the Turning Point of Time was Dionysius the Areopagite. At his young age he was living in Egypt for a long time and it happened that he was still there during the Crucifixion. As per Gospels when the Savior was passing away “there was a darkness over all the earth” (Luke 23:44, KJV). Dionysius shuddered with horror and cried: “Either the Creator of all the world now suffers, or this visible world is coming to an end”. Here is the prove of the activated Sentient Soul, which realised the cosmic connection between the outside darkness and what was happening on the hill of Golgotha, without even having the slightest idea about It!

As he later became a member of the higher council (the Areopagus) in Athens, on hearing the Gospel preached by Apostle Paul, his Sentient Soul got activated, but with his Intellectual Soul, he wanted evidence. On his way out of Athens, Paul drew the cross with his fingers above the head of a blind man, who recovered his sight and, as ordered by the Apostle, went to Dionysius, who recognised and accepted the baptism together with his whole family. Paul made him the Bishop of Athens and the leader of the first esoteric Christian school on Earth. Together with the rest of the Apostles he witnessed the death of Virgin-Sophia in the Gethsemane garden. In the end he was killed. A few centuries later, one of his disciples, who had the same name, wrote the composition “The Celestial Hierarchy”, the contents of which came from the Areopagite himself, and later it was passed over by one student to another in his school.

We paid so much attention to that individual because in his next incarnations he was going to play a significant role for the European (and global) spiritual development, related to the central secret of Christianity – the Mystery of Golgotha, which can be found (is contained) in the Holy Grail in the form of universal images. Joseph of Arimathea was also one of those initiated in the Gnosis, who understood the great cosmic interrelationships at (the act of) the Mystery of Golgotha, and, as Christ’s will was, he became the first Keeper of the Grail. The Holy Grail had to be physically transported to the West where the knights of King Arthur ruled. On his way Joseph of Arimathea first crossed the lands, inhabited by the Bulgarians throughout millennia. Bulgarians are the indigenous population of the Balkan Peninsula, called “Thracians” by the Greeks, who came there after the 8th century BC. “Thracians” was an offensive term which meant “barbarians”. The Greeks came from Egypt and were Negroids with dark skin and curly hair. Through pirate raids and robberies, they gradually conquered territories, starting with the southern most parts of the Peloponnese peninsula. The ancient authors described them as cowardly bunglers, but thanks to their trickery and intrigues, and perfidy they managed to settle in our lands. Opposite to them, the Bulgarians were the bravest and most battle-worthy warriors, having high spiritual and physical (material) culture. They created the Cretan-Mycenaean culture (represented at the Turning Point of Time by the Magi) for the future mental understanding of Christ. They took great part in the development of the Jewish flow (flock) (represented by the shepherds), related to inner moral experience of the will. The Bulgarians built Troy, and after its destruction the Bulgarian Aeneas headed towards the Apennine peninsula to lay the foundations for the creation of the future ruler of the world – Rome. It was the spirituality of the Bulgarians that stood at the root of the fulgent ancient Greek culture. The names of the Balkan Peninsula and of Europe were also derived from the Bulgarians. So this is the kind of people (nation), who Joseph of Arimathea, carrying the Grail, met, and they (the Bulgarians) deservedly were the first to come in contact with the Grail. Later on the First-called Andrew and Apostle Paul came to these lands to make Bulgarians the first Christians in Europe, and the Christianity they received (by the Apostles) was esoteric and different from that later Christianity of Constantinople, which nowadays would be called “Orthodox”.

We would talk about these events later on. Let us now return to the Grail, which at the start of the Christian era generated among the Initiates impulses to seek knowledge. However, the more the true esoteric Gnosis was fading, the less the people having the abilities to enliven their Sentient Soul and experience the cosmic interrelationships at the Mystery of Golgotha were. The Grail was then taken from the Earth to be preserved by certain spiritual powers, so that later they could return it back to the people, but this time as impulses of the feelings, impulses of soul experience, so as to prepare humanity for the transition from the Intellectual Soul into the Consciousness Soul. But before that the Manichaeism had originated.

The historical documents from the Middle Ages preserved until today and written by the adversaries of Manes tell us the following legend. A Saracen named Scythian lived in Alexandria during the 2nd century, who was copying (following the example of) Aristotle and wrote four books. After his death his books and money were inherited by his disciple Terebinth (Terabinth). His name meant “holy oak”, just like the name of the oak against the tent of Abraham, where he met the three archangels. Terebinth went to Judea, but since he was not welcomed there, he left for Persia. He was expelled from Persia too, this time by the followers of Mithra (Mithra was actually a God worshipped by the Bulgarians). He found refuge at the home of a widow. Around the beginning of the 3rd century AD, he stood on the eaves of the roof, turned ceremoniously with his fig stick towards the nature spirits of the air, fell and died. The money and the books were left with the widow. With the money she bought a seven-year-old boy named Kubrick (Kobrick), who was born in Mesopotamia at the upper course of the river Cutha (Cuthah, Kutha) in town called Mardinu. She adopted him, gave him Persian education and he grew among philosophers. After the death of the widow he inherited the books and the money, changed his slave name into Mani (Manes), which in Persian meant “colloquy” or “speech”, but called himself Paraclete (the Holy Spirit).

The son of the Persian King got ill but no one could cure him. Mani said that he would be able to do so, but the boy died and he ended up in jail. He managed to escape in Mesopotamia and the guards were killed for edification (as an example to the others). In Mesopotamia he had a dispute with bishop Archelaus in front of philosophers, who were playing the role of judges in the dispute. He ran away from there and found a shelter in some poor village. Archelaus was searching for him when Mani got out of his shelter, but the guards of the Persian King captured him instead. In 275 AD he was skinned, his body was thrown to the beasts, and his skin was hung at the gates of Gundeshapur, a place which a few centuries later became the home of that fearful academy. Mani left 12 disciples. That was how Manichaeism originated.  In his letter to the Bulgarian Tsar (King) Petar, Theophylact – the Patriarch of Constantinople, wrote that the Egyptian Scythian called himself “the Father”, his disciple Terebinth defined himself as “Buddha”, i.e. the Son of God, and Kubrick proclaimed himself as Manes (the Holy Spirit).

Several things in this legend quickly attract our attention. The first thing is that at the root of Manichaeism the mysterious Scythian, who was a Saracen, stood. Saracen means a person who is not a descendant of Sarah (the wife of Abraham), hence, not a Jew. He might be an Arab or of any other origin. Scythian called himself “the Father”, which is justified only for an Initiate, who knows the Mystery of the physical body. Steiner confirms that Scythian truly knows this Mystery. To this effect, he may be called a “Dhyani-Buddha”, even though he is not one of the twelve Bodhisattvas. We would address this issue later in the presentation from another perspective. Terebinth and Manes were not Bodhisattvas either, but they still defined themselves (correspondingly) as “Buddha” and “Spirit-Self” (Bodhisattva). After the incarnation in the daughter of Jairus, in his next descents to Earth, the Bodhisattva began, following the example of the Christ, once every 100 years to incorporate (himself) into certain human vessel, when the human vessel was between his 30th and 33rd year. Just as the Savior “conquered” the bodies of Jesus for three years, so did the Bodhisattva, entering (penetrating) the bodies of the vessel, but the degree of penetration and transformation was different, depending on the human evolution. Whether the seventh Bodhisattva was incorporated within Kubrick, to call himself “Manes”, we cannot claim with certainty, but it goes without saying that for the foundation of the Manichaeism, Mani drew his inspirations from him. Mani faced horrible death, but namely through it, he gave birth to the great Manichaean impulse, just as Christ did, who also faced horrible death in order to radiate His Impulse.

Terebinth called himself “Buddha” because he knew the secret of the etheric body, communicated with the nature spirits and was probably inspired by Gautama Buddha. “The Fig tree” quite obviously connects them.

So Manichaeism began to spread among humanity as a kind of peculiar transformation of the pre-Christian Jewish flow (flock), but in contrast to the turned-towards-the-inside and penetrated-by-the-feeling, idle will of the Jews, it turned (directed) the thinking process towards the center of the will, so that man could create (do) good deeds of love in freedom as counteraction to evil. The ancient Jews lived by the law of necessity. Love could only manifest for the Jews through the blood-line kinship (consanguinity) while Manichaeism was going to spread among people of the free will united by the Grail, which was preserving the sacrificial Blood of God.

As previously stated, the Grail was taken to Heavens so that it could be descended back a few centuries later in different form. But before that, in the 4th century AD that great spiritual consultation (Council) took place at the east coast of the Black Sea, consultation (Council) which magnificently paved the way for the future Christian development of Europe. Thanks to the deeds of his previous life and thanks to what Christ had laid within him at the Turning Point of Time, the reincarnated Manes was able to personally organise that meeting, summoning the great Teachers Zarathustra, Scythian and Gautama Buddha, the latter being present in spiritual way. Steiner said that the topic of the consultation was the plan of how the Wisdom of the Bodhisattvas from the sphere (level) of Providence could be attained by humans, with the goal being that, the Bodhisattvas will not have to descend and open to people, but instead, people will ascend towards the Bodhisattvas with the help of a new kind of Initiation, adequate for the age of the Consciousness Soul, and having the Mystery of Golgotha as its spiritual source. Men had to ascend from the “square”- physical, etheric, astral body and Self, to the spiritual duodecimality (duodecimal spiritual world), where the ternary (threefold) Spirit descended from. No doubt, it was the Bodhisattva who was at the back of this consultation. We opine that the participants debated many other subjects as well. As an example, the questions of the nascency of “Christ’s nation” and the so called “Slavdom”, who should become the bearers of the future Sixth Cultural age, were discussed. From Steiner, we also know that in ancient times Scythian founded initiation center among the Scyths (Scythians), and affected (influenced) the inner essence of their Souls in such way as to prepare them for completely different penetration by the powers, arising from the Mystery of Golgotha. When Sergei O. Prokofieff was writing his book “The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail” as an attempt to clarify the spiritual sub-base of the Russian history, he was relying not only on the spiritual science but also referring to the official historiography, which declares that the Scythian state, occupying the territory of southern Russia, only existed from the 7th century BC to the 3rd century AD and was completely destroyed by the “Goths” 3 centuries before the arrival of the “Slavic tribes” in Europe. Prokofieff quite reasonably asked himself the question: How was it possible that what Scythian had laid in the Souls of the Scyths until the 3rd century AD, could be “transferred” within the Souls of people from “Christ’s nation”, which nation started to emerge on the same territory but as of 9th – 10th century AD onwards. And this new nation, according to historians, had come to Europe in the 5th century perhaps from the areas of Altai, the Sayan Mountains, Lake Baikal, etc. or from somewhere in the Far East in general. There were two possible answers according to Prokofieff. The first one asserted that when the Slavs populated the lands of the long-“gone” Scyths, they found themselves in territories, in whose spiritual atmosphere the consequent effect of the Scythian’s deeds/activity could be felt. The second answer had a rather materialistic approach and asserted, that as archaeologists were still finding pieces of evidence of the “Scythian” culture as far as today’s China, then the future eastern Slavs might have historically (physically) got in contact with the Scythian tribes and their main leader Scythian in the vast areas beyond the Ural Mountains in Asia.

On the other hand, the Germanic tribes migrated from the same far-east areas of Asia towards Europe between the 2nd century BC and the 2nd century AD. Citing Steiner, Prokofieff asserts that it was namely those “ancient Germans” and “ancient Slavs” who constituted the two main migration flows, which formed the whole future national population of Europe.

It seems as if there is no place for the Bulgarians in the whole picture. We, however, state that they are the original nation chosen by God, nation which runs the entire Self evolution of the earthly humanity. If that is true, then it would mean that the Bulgarians were taking part most actively in the formation of not only the Germanic and the Slavic, but also in the formation of any other significant national group or particular nation within human history. Of course, the purpose of this study is not to indicate the huge number of purely externally-historical facts, proving such grand-scale claim, but to rise to the great spiritual Providence (Plan), which stays at the back of the physically visible. When historians talk about “the great migration of nations” on the borderline between Antiquity and the Middle Ages, it sounds very strange that it is dated from the second half of the 2nd century AD until the second half of the 7th century AD, i.e. (coincides with) the period which encompasses the birth (foundation) during the 2nd century AD of the Old Great Bulgaria on the north and north-east of the Black Sea as far as the Ural Mountains, until its decline (the decline of the Old Great Bulgaria) and the foundation of Bulgaria at the Danube river by Asparuh. “The great migration of nations” does not suggest an invasion of some barbarians from the distant parts of Asia into Europe, but the formation of coalitions of different nations and tribes for the destruction of the Roman Empire and the future Christian development of Europe, while the leaders of such coalitions were always the Bulgarians, who had laid, in the antiquity, the foundations for the creation of Rome through Aeneas, and then it was time for them to destroy it. In the 5th century AD, the Bulgarians Attila and Odoacer put an end to the existence of the Western Roman Empire and the Emperor (still Bulgarian) Constantine the Great founded in the 4th century AD the Eastern Roman Empire, which served as rescue plan (escape route), he declared Christianity as official religion and sent invitation to the great Christian Initiate – the Bulgarian Ulfilas (also known as Wulfila, Ulphilas and Orphila), to return in the lands south of the Danube with the tens of thousands Bulgarians, who had been banished as early as the 4th century BC by Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedon) to the north of Danube. Fifteen emperors reigned in turn from Constantine to Justin II and at least twelve of them were of Bulgarian origin. They gave the greatness of the so called “Byzantine” Empire, which, until the end of its existence in the 15th century, had never really borne that name.

Neither Slavs, nor Germanic people both coming from Asia took part in that whole process, simply because such never existed in Asia. The Germanic national group originated from the Celts, who existed from the 4th century BC until the 4th century AD, when their Archangel took the leadership of all esoteric flows in Europe and around the world. The Celts themselves were the outcome of the colonising and civilising marches of the Bulgarians from the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor in westward direction for the purpose of preparation of the local primitive inhabitants with a view to their future Christian development. The first march was as early as the beginning of the Third cultural age, the second one was after the fall of Troy, and the third – after the start of the already-mentioned piracy attacks of the Hellenes targeting   the southern parts of the Balkan Peninsula. When the Celticity formed, its leaders, the Druids, received the Bulgarians’ spirituality represented in the personality of the Geticus (of Getae) Initiate Zalmoxis. And when the Celts disappeared completely after the 4th century AD, the so called Goths emerged all of sudden, who, according to nowadays historians, are Germans (of Germanic origin). Such a nation called “Goths“ never existed, hence they could not have destroyed the state of the Scyths (the Bulgarians) at the northern territories of the Black Sea. Therefore German archaeologists, despite their numerous expeditions in that region, have not been able to find (even until today) any single artefact, which could testify the Germanic presence there at any point in time. They will never find such artefacts because, by the name of “Goths” all ancient authors meant (understood) the Bulgarians-Getae. The name change most probably happened in the beginning of the 3rd century AD by the Roman emperor Caracalla. He had the habit of making up aliases such as “Germanicus”, “Arabicus”, “Particus”, and so on. A person of his entourage hinted humorously: “Could you also add “Geticus maximus” please?” He took the hint as being for Geta – his brother (Caracalla’s brother), whom he murdered. After the murder of Geta, anyone who even whispered his name was sentenced to death. The wag was also murdered. Ever since then the Getae (sounding very similarly to Geta, his brother’s name – translator’s note) were also called Goths. It is true that the ancient Germanic tribes took part in the rout of the Western Roman Empire, but they were not the main contributors, it was the Bulgarians who mainly put it to rout.

Up to that point no one had talked about the existence of the “Slavs”. But the participants in the spiritual consultation did talk. Starting from the 9th -10th century at the territory of the Old Great Bulgaria, where Scythian was acting among the “Scyths”-Bulgarians, there had to be a new nation formed – the “Christ’s nation”, i.e. the “people of the Word”, and together with it – the group (community) called “Sloveni” (the Bulgarian word for the “Word” (The Christ) is “Slovo” and “Sloveni“ is the Bulgarian word for Slovenians, i.e. the Slavs – translator’s note), which group of people were to bear the spirit of the Grail in their souls. But before that the Holy Chalice had to travel the way from the West to the East.

The real occult and historical current of the Grail emerged in the 8th century AD in Western Europe. Current, in which certain personality, for certain time was becoming the Guardian of the Holy Chalice. The first Keeper was Titurel, who received the Chalice from the Angels. For him, the Mystery of the Grail took place mainly in his Sentient Soul, where the connection with the spiritual world is the purest and strongest. With Amfortas the experience rose to the chaotic Intellectual Soul and he was pierced by the “spear of Klingsor”, which reflected on his father (or grandfather) Titurel. Someone had to heal Amfortas (the Intellectual Soul) and save the original (primal) powers of the Sentient Soul (Titurel), which were still directly connected with the spiritual world. That someone was the last Keeper of the Grail – Parsifal (Parzival). He developed his Consciousness Soul, healed Amfortas and opened the way for the powers of the Sentient Soul to rise to the Consciousness Soul, so that man could attain the opportunity for entirely new conscious attitude towards the higher worlds. Parsifal really lived and worked on Earth in the 9th and even in the beginning of the 10th century AD. He was the incarnated Manes.

The highest purpose of the Mysteries of the Grail is the transition from the Consciousness Soul towards the Spirit-Self by putting the substance (the extract) of the Grail into the human Soul, and by the emergence of new social community (based on the substance of the Grail being put into the human Soul), united and penetrated by the unitary coming-from-Christ Holy Spirit. This ideal would be achieved in the Sixth cultural age, but its accomplishment would depend on the correct steps taken before that.

After Parsifal, the Holy Chalice was taken to the kingdom of “John the Presbyter”. “When it temporarily became invisible in Europe again”, the Grail was then taken to the mysterious kingdom, that  people from Middle Ages imagined to be laying beyond the lands of the Earth, accessible to the participants in the crusades. Just as the Spirit-Self could not be found on Earth, so was this kingdom not an earthly one, even though from geographical point of view, it appeared to be in the East. “John the Presbyter” was the “favourite disciple” of the Christ Jesus at the Turning Point of Time and the author of the Sophian (Gnostic) “Gospel of John”. From now on, the Souls of the Initiates had to become bearers of the extract of the Grail within their Consciousness Soul and open themselves up for the Spirit-Self, which could descend towards their Consciousness Soul. Someone had to fill in the transitional gap (period) between Parsifal and “John the Presbyter”. That was done by the Bulgarians. How did it happen?

From Anthroposophy we know that after the Mystery of Golgotha the Christianity of the Grail started from the East spreading towards the West in the opposite direction of the Arthurian Christianity, which was evolving from the West towards the East. The latter flow was seeking the Life-Spirit of Christ within the Earth’s surroundings through contemplation on the elemental spirits of nature, while the former was carrying the Christ’s Self as an impulse within the hearts and the blood of the Christians. The Cosmic Christ-Sun reflected on the latter flow, and that is why King Arthur was surrounded by twelve knights – reflection of the sphere (high level) of the Providence and the Lodge of the Twelve Bodhisattvas. But the Christ had become a man, joining himself through Jesus with the blood (the Jewry) and the “week”. The Arthurian flow (Christianity) died away with the wane of knights’ ability to get in contact with the Christ’s Life-Spirit, and in the 8th century the current of the Grail’s Guardians emerged, who were united by blood. The Arthurian knights could physically see and guard the Holy Chalice, but when it was taken by the Angels and afterwards when Titurel received it again, the seeing and the guarding of the Grail became supersensible in their nature. While the Tintagel castle (Arthur’s castle) in today’s western England existed physically, the Montsalvat castle in “Spain” was invisible for the physical eyes and, hence, that very current of the Grail existed completely hidden from the outer world.

The opposite current, spreading from the East to the West, was carrying the Sun-Christ as a Brother of the whole humanity in the blood of its followers, but without any blood relation (consanguinity). That is why the first brotherly Christian communities in Europe did not emerge in the West, but originated among the Bulgarians in Asia Minor and on the Balkan Peninsula. The Grail Mystery was affecting the Sentient Soul of our predecessors deep inside and was driving them towards brotherhood, but such communities were formed in the age of the Intellectual Soul, and consequently the process was running but having many confusions, contradictions etc. A new kind of brotherhood had to arise.

In 869 the two Christian currents met in Central Europe, but most importantly, they met in the Spiritual world. The first man in whose Soul that meeting took place essentially was Parsifal. He also made the already-mentioned transition from the Intellectual Soul towards the Consciousness Soul, only in which (the latter) the Mystery of the Grail could be realised. The Cosmic Intelligence, which was the tool (through which the Mystery of the Grail could be realised), had also descended to Earth already and was enlightening the intellect of the most high minded among humans. The time of Boris I and his epoch-making deeds had come. In 850 Archangel Raphael took both the leadership of humanity as a “Spirit of Time”, as well as the function of being the “group Self” of the Bulgarian nation. Out of the four Archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, who form a kind of peculiar universal cross in the spiritual world with the four main holidays – Michaelmas, Christmas, Easter (Pascha) and St. John’s Tide, Raphael is the one “in charge of” the central holiday – the Easter, which gave birth to the group Self of humanity and the start of the Mystery of the Grail. The Bulgarians are originally responsible for the evolution of the Self, and the accomplishment of this task is being achieved in accordance with the changes in the spiritual world and in the mentality (soul) of man. Christianity and Paganism had already been coexisting among our nation for 8 centuries under the leadership of the previous Archangel-leader. Boris had to proclaim Christianity as the official religion of a nation with pagan roots and traditions, existing for thousands of years and being spread in all directions of the world. When among the Indians of the American continent we meet tribes with names such as “Paeones” and “Cicones”, we should not be surprised that we find the same names among the Thracian tribes. It is an occult fact that the most strong-willed and bellicose of the Bulgarians – “the headstrong”, led by the Spiritual world, managed to travel great distance for the sake of the evolution of the Self of that population, which was originally doomed to extinction for occult reasons. Let us just imagine what bravery and willpower Boris needed to stand with firm (dogged) determination against the Paganism and drive change within the nation, which was going to create something so crucial that the future of the whole humanity would have depended on it?! Such determination could only come from the spiritual world. And it actually came from the six Sun Elohim, who had “taken” the Macrocosmic Christ’s Self from the Sun and “escorted” Him to His incarnation into Jesus. One of them appeared to Boris and proclaimed him the Will of That, Whom after the Easter “All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to” (Matthew 28-18, NIV). Take a note: neither an Angel, nor an Archangel, nor ever an Archai, but an Elohim Itself! Why is that so? Because evolution was on the verge of forming the “nation of the Word” and the “community of the Word”, who, in the Sixth cultural age, were to receive the Spirit-Self through the Consciousness Soul and determine the destiny of earthly humanity, by serving themselves as example showing the way for passing through the “War of all against all” to reach the Sixth Root Race. Fulfilling their original destiny, the Bulgarians stood again at the bottom of that grandiose design (colossal plan), being represented in the personality of Boris, to whom the Elohim revealed Christ’s Plan.

Since long ago Scythian had laid the “Spirit of the Grail” within the Sentient Soul of the Bulgarians, living north of the Black Sea. The formation of the “Christ’s nation” started there from the 9th century. At once the question arises: Which was that nation? From today’s point of view, these are the people of Russia (within its European part), of Ukraine and of Belarus. Except for being the “people of Christ”, these are also “Slavs”. But who are the “Slavs”?

The term “Slav” was first used by the Croatian historian Vinko Pribojević in the 15th century. Until then, none of the ancient authors had mentioned any “Slavs”. After the death of Peter I, called, who knows why, “the Great”, the Jesuits slipped the Russian governors the so called “legacy of Peter I”, with which the Catholic church was aiming to divert the “people of Christ” from the path towards their true destiny. Catherine II (also called “the Great”) “worked out” (further developed) the “legacy” in question and elevated it to the level of the detrimental Pan-Slavism, which even today still reflects on (affects) the Russian politics. Till now there is no definitive answer to the question of where the very “Slavs” came from. As mentioned already, there were masses of people who migrated from Atlantis into what was going to become Europe, but there, they also found an indigenous population. The people from Atlantis had been preparing for the coming of Christ for thousands of years. After the collapse of Troy, which the Bulgarians had built during the Third cultural age, the way of transition towards the Fourth cultural age was open, and it, as we are aware, progressed in westward direction. Many of our forefathers moved all the way to the Atlantic coast of Europe and the British Isles to lay the foundations for the later emergence of the Celts. Others (of our forefathers) created Rome, and still others would have most probably populated today’s “Slavic lands”, including not only those inhabited by the “Christ people”, but also the lands of Central Europe. The Hellenic invasion also caused migration processes in west and north-west directions. We already mentioned that before going to the East, Alexander the Great banished huge part of the Getae from Scythia Minor (nowadays Southern Dobruja) beyond the Danube River. During all those (and who knows how many more) migrations, inspired by Scythian, the Bulgarians were spreading the gene P1H1, imposing their culture in all spheres of life and becoming the main nation-forming factor for the indigenous population. That group of nations, which is called “Slavic” today, emerged from the mixing of the Bulgarians with the local population. The main factor which defines it as “Slavic“ has not much to do with the gene or the culture, which have undergone inevitable changes during the centuries, but it has to do with the language. That was the ancient Bulgarian language, which when mixing with the more primitive languages of the local population multiplied to turn into today’s numerous “Slavic” languages, and took different form in accordance with the tasks of the Archangels of the respective nations. In short, the nowadays Slovenian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, etc. languages are in their essence Bulgarian mixed with the local languages and evolved over time.

However, to form a nation, except for the common speech, common writing is required as well. The Elohim ordered Boris to welcome Cyril and Methodius because of the alphabet they had devised (mostly Cyril).  Cyril’s task was to devise and Methodius‘ one – to proliferate the Word (the New Testament) with the new script. That was initially done with the Glagolitic alphabet and later with the Cyrillic alphabet. Both alphabets were devised on the basis of ancient scripts, but the Cyrillic alphabet in particular had much in common with the alphabet of Ulfilas, which had been devised five centuries earlier for the Bulgarians. Ulfilas had translated the Old and the New Testaments, the former missing the four chapters of “Kingdoms“ (Two Books of Samuel and Two Books of Kings, NIV), because numerous military actions were described there and that “would have affected badly the Bulgarians”, as they were bellicose in nature. Most probably, Constantine-Cyril and Methodius translated (due to a lack of time) in Glagolitic language only the New Testament, and for the Old Testament they used Ulfilas’ translation. The Glagolitic alphabet (especially the Angular one) had been used for several centuries by the Croatians; Latin became the writing of the Central-European Slavs, while the Cyrillic alphabet was being used even till today by the Bulgarians, by the “people of Christ” and by some other non-Slavic nations. The massive spiritual potential of the symbols of the Glagolitic alphabet proved to be inappropriate for the humanity that was losing its connection with the Gods, and was kept for future usage.

Along with their script, the “people of Christ” and the “community of the Word” also had to receive their religion from the Bulgarians. At that time, Bulgaria was situated between the two big centers in Europe: the Eastern Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire to the west. In 864, Boris converted to Christianity, and those Bulgarians who were still pagans followed him and converted as well. Maneuvering between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, he managed to establish the Autocephaly of the Bulgarian church, in which the cult remained to great extent esoteric, unlike the other two cults. That esoteric Christianity we passed on (handed down) to the “people of Christ” and it had an effect on some of its representatives, all the way to Tolstoy, despite the hits it took by Peter I and Catherine II. An interesting fact from the 10th century was that the “people of Christ” were offered to convert to the mystical Sufi-Islam by Volga Bulgaria, but this, of course, did not happen, as it contradicted Christ’s Providence (Plan). The first Metropolitan Bishops of Kiev were Bulgarians, the first Russian saint – Olga of Kiev, was a Bulgarian, the first Russian Christian martyrs – Gleb and Roman (Boris) were Bulgarians, too. For centuries, the whole Russian literature was just a combination of transcripts copying the Bulgarian Middle-Ages literature, subsequently further falsified to serve the speed-gathering Pan-Slavism. Even Rurik – the creator of the Russian statehood was not a “Norman” but a Bulgarian from the Dulo clan. To summarise, we can say that the formation of the “Christ’s nation” took place entirely under the influence of the Bulgarians. As for the formation of the “community of the Word” towards the West, Boris collided with the opposition of Catholicism and the Latin language. Something else was going to be offered to them within a few decades.

Those processes inevitably caused resistance among the supporters of Paganism in Bulgaria, led by the son of Boris – Vladimir-Rasate (Vladimir of Bulgaria). Then, it was the moment when that nearly supersensible miracle happened – a miracle, which the western world talked about for centuries. Having total Faith in the support of the Spiritual world, Boris raised the sword of the Self against paganism and the blood relation (consanguinity), sabered the fifty two boyars together with their firstborn heirs (sons), (not their whole families), blinded Rasate, and put his younger son Simeon on the throne to continue the Deed he had started. With that sacrificial act, he took upon himself great personal karma, but he also sealed his unconditional faithfulness in the Will of Christ, which demanded something else too, namely: for a period of 1000 years, starting from 864, the Bulgarian nation had to create the earthly body-vessel for the Bodhisattva of the 20th century, when (at that point of time) the Bodhisattva himself would accomplish a great feat. Our nation (the Bulgarian nation) fulfilled its task with the birth of Peter Deunov in 1864, within whom the Bodhisattva got incorporated thirty three years later, and a year after that the Bodhisattva was visited by the same Sun Elohim (which appeared to Boris I), to announce him the future Etheric Coming of the Christ. The Elohim’s appraisal of Boris, expressed in “An Appeal to My People – Bulgarian Sons of the Slavic Family”, is that Boris is the “father of the Slavic family” and that “there has not been a more modest and pure-hearted ruler born to the family of Slavs. He fulfilled the given promise with unshakable faith, like Abraham who did not spare his son, but presented him as a living sacrifice to God“. The Elohim himself confirmed that the Bulgarians, being represented by Boris, were the founders of the Slavdom and, in particular, of the “people of Christ”, and that could become possible because Boris accepted the Will of Christ within his Sentient Soul and achieved his great deeds by experiencing the Self within it, and it, as we pointed out many times, was the place where the powers, connecting us directly with the spiritual world, acted. Despite the intrusive analogy (Abraham is the physical forefather of the God’s Chosen ancient Jewish people, and Boris is the spiritual forefather of the God’s Chosen “nation of the Word”), we do not know yet whether Boris is Abraham reincarnated, but it is out of doubt that he experienced the Mystery of the Grail, just like Titurel, in his Sentient Soul. Titurel, though, laid the foundations of the secret current of the Guardians of the Grail, while Boris turned into the father of that flow of people, who carried the Grail within their Souls and manifested it in the outer world through their physical deeds. He became the first beam of the forthcoming Bogomilism, which was to be initiated by his grandson. The transition from Parsifal towards the “kingdom of John the Presbyter” had started.

But as the path from Titurel to Parsifal passed through the drama of Amfortas, the same thing happened in the transition from Boris to (his grandson) Boyan the Magician (Boyan Magesnik / Boyan the Magus). In the West, Amfortas‘ loins were pierced by the “spear of Klingsor” because of his lust, while here Simeon’s conceited heart was pierced by the “spear of Constantinople” because of his greed for power. While the weakness of the Intellectual Soul manifested in Amfortas as the faculty of “feeling”, in Simeon, due to his much higher education, it was his mentality, which turned out to have been struck to even greater extent. The wrong use of the Cosmic Intelligence caused him more serious harm than it did to Amfortas, because it was set in external authority. Neither Simeon – called “the Great“, nor the empire which he left behind was to be saved, but the execution of the plan, proclaimed by the Elohim to Boris. When in the West, Parsifal healed Amfortas, he also saved the “Titurel’s“ powers for the future. When Boyan the Magus began to heal the “wounds” of the Bulgarian society, caused by Simeon, he also saved the deed of his grandfather for the future of humanity.

In 927 the “Sun-King (Boris I)” suffered heart attack and “suddenly” died. The heart attack was most likely caused by black magic done in Constantinople. During that time Boyan (with the Christian name Benjamin) was studying in the most prestigious school in the world – the School of Magnaura (the Palace Hall of Magnaura), where, despite being only 17 years old, he used to astonish his teachers with his outstanding erudition and charisma. He returned to Veliki Preslav (Great Preslav) as soon as he heard the news of his father’s death. His brother Petar offered him the throne there, but Boyan had a far more significant mission to accomplish. When he was still in Constantinople, he secretly communicated with two mysterious “Syrians”, who arrived in the Bulgarian capital in 928, and met Boyan and five of his close (boon) companions in the “Saint Paraskeva” Monastery, to initiate them in the Mystery of the Grail and lay the foundations of the Impulse of Bogomilism. The two “Syrians” were the reincarnated Virgin-Sophia (Virgin Mary) and John the Evangelist. After Christ’s words addressed to them on the Golgotha Hill, they seemed to have merged into one. John was leading the procession at the funeral of Virgin-Sophia in Gethsemane. He also wrote the Sophian “Gospel of John”, the original of which, right there, the two of them gave to the six “Johannine Christians”, as initially the Bogomils used to call themselves. One of them had been present at the funeral in Gethsemane nine centuries ago. That was Boyan, who was the reincarnated Dionysius the Areopagite. Right there, in Veliki Preslav, he was the one, who, out of the six, was most aware of the significance and the scale of that Great Deed, which was about to begin. That is why he took the lead in it! In that very moment, the path for the transition from the last Guardian of the Grail – Parsifal (the Consciousness Soul) towards the Bearer of the Grail – Boyan (the Spirit-Self) was paved. The connection with the Kingdom of “Presbyter John” was finally achieved. From that moment on, the Initiates-Bogomils would have become the bearers of the Grail in their Souls, and, in Its honour, would have formed brotherly communities (brotherhoods) all around Europe, in which the Holy Spirit would have manifested in reborn form, because, in contrast to the initial Christian communities which had originated right after the miracle of Pentecost, they would have manifested in times, when the Cosmic Intelligence had descended to man. It was true that the Cosmic Intelligence was not yet personally possessed by man, just as it was going to be after the 15th century, but it was “effective” enough, so as to evoke the sense of an independent thinking process, which was entirely devoted to Christ and directed towards the Spirit-Self. The unique thing about the Bogomils was that they combined within themselves the intense sensual experience of the Grail’s secrets with the attempt to give them Sophian meaning. Such a synthesis resulted in the writing of many books (burned by the Orthodox and the Catholic churches), in the practical living of brotherly life, in the acceptance of women as equal to men (gender equality), which had been achieved 1,000 year earlier compared to today’s “civilised” nations, in the knowledge about reincarnation, in the exceptional bravery in the face of death and in many other distinctive characteristics which turned the Bogomils into a role model (for) and a center that attracted thousands of Souls of different social strata. The supranationalism of their feat was due to the fact that, following Christ’s example, the six of them together with the two “Syrians” (which had become one) had already formed, in the “Saint Paraskeva” Monastery, that original image (prototype) of brotherly spiritual “seven” (the figure seven), in which the blood relation was of no meaning at all. When  Christ descended from above and was born in a supersensible way in Jesus, the dependency on the blood relation, connected with the number seven, was overcome, because, with his coming to Earth, He revealed to us the spiritual brotherhood of the Lodge of the 12 Bodhisattvas through the 12 Apostles whom he took around him. Next, it took Him only three years, until the Death on Golgotha, to manage, under the influence (the effect) of the duodecimal Zodiac Circle and with the Power of His Self, to turn the physical body of Jesus into Spirit-Man and resurrect its phantom from the grave, in order to raise it from the Earth up to the spiritual world, where it initially originated from (from the Thrones). From that moment on, the phantom was going to affect the spiritual substances (extracts) on Earth with the powers, related to the Spirit-Man.

John was standing at the foot of the Cross with his high gnostic conscience, and he comprehended the Birth and the Death of Christ-Jesus with it. At that time, the Cosmic Intelligence was still residing in the Sun-sphere under the leadership of Michael. And right then, in Veliki Preslav, the Cosmic Intelligence had already descended and John participated in the sacrament of surmounting the blood-related “seven”, which, with the Power of the Grail (the Impulse of Christ’s Self), ascended towards the Spirit-Self and turned into an eight – into a new “octave” (because the two of them, Virgin Mary and John, were separate individualities yet), and, three centuries later, in the Bulgarian lands again, the reincarnated John was going to be the main character in the sacrament of surmounting the “twelve” (the earthly one), when, under the influence (the effect) of the Grail, of the Elohim, and of the 12 Initiates-Bogomils, his body was going to become completely transparent. It (his body) did not essentially turn into Spirit-Man, as the physical body of Jesus did, but the transition of surmounting the earthly duodecimality (the death of the physical body) by man and the transformation of the flesh into Word began. The whole Wisdom of the Bodhisattvas, which had descended to Earth until then, penetrated him all the way to his physical body, and, after the transformation of that wisdom by Christ’s Impulse, the flesh began to speak as Word (spiritual duodecimality). The flesh would truly transform into Word as late as the Sixth cultural age in the person of Maitreya Buddha, when he, being entirely aware of the Power of Christ’s Impulse within his Self, would have achieved that great transformation; while right then, at Arbanasi, the foundations of that same process were laid but in a state of reduced (decreased) consciousness. The 20th century had to come, bringing the feat (the achievements) of Rudolf Steiner and the feat (the achievements) of Beinsa Douno, so that the process could continue in a state of awakened consciousness and in times of different conditions.

That is how the decision of the Consultation from the 4th century, concerning the surmounting of the “square” and the transition towards a new type of “duodecimal” (Rosicrucian) Initiation, was accomplished in stages in the 10th and 13th centuries among the Bulgarian Bogomils. In that same 13th century, a contemporary of the Mystery of Arbanasi was the scholastic Thomas Aquinas of the Dominican Order. If Rosicrucianism was the consequent result of the spiritual consultation from the 4th century, then scholasticism came on the scene as a result of the decision of Aristotle and Alexander, who, during the battle of 869 in the supersensible world against the Muslim Aristotelianism, set themselves the goal of elevating Christian Aristotelianism on Earth, i.e. with the Impulse of Michael to align Aristotelianism and Alexandrianism with Christianity (to give them Christian character). Aristotle himself was reincarnated as Thomas Aquinas and he brilliantly put the decision taken into action, relying on the Cosmic Intelligence, which had already become earthly one, but which he used in the most spiritual way. The scholastics were searching for answers to the following questions: how can we combine the Revelation (the faith) and the knowledge (the science) with the use of the thinking process; how could Christ step within the thinking process itself during the forthcoming Fifth cultural age, when, after the 15th century, the Cosmic Intelligence would be entirely granted to be at our disposal; and how to give it back (how to return  the Cosmic Intelligence) – but redeemed already (i.e. manifested through man) give it back to Michael in his age, which was about to begin after 1879. The answers could not have been found during the transition from pre-intellectual to intellectual human development in the 13th century, but could be found on the border between the 19th and the 20th century, when Michel’s age began, Christ lived through His Second Golgotha, and Kali Yuga ended. Again, it was Thomas Aquinas who did it but this time reborn as Rudolf Steiner. He was freely talking about the karma of the Soul, the reincarnation of the Self, and the Mystery of the Grail, while, in the 13th century, despite his passionately defended view about the preservation of the individual origin (the preservation of the Self) of man even after death, he could not get to the idea of reincarnation. Due to karmic reasons, the Dominicans-scholastics did not approach the Mystery of the Grail consciously either, which was why they turned into the main blade (weapon) of the Catholic Church in its fight against the Bearers of the Grail – the Bogomils. The Dominicans were neither a part of “Christ’s nation”, nor of the ”community of the Word“, and Thomas Aquinas himself was in the supersensible world at the Turning Point of Time, when, down on Earth, the Grail Mystery was born in the physical realm. That had its effect on the karma!

We have already pointed out that the Souls, who were in any contact with Christ during His three Earthy years, are different from the rest. They possess both the idealistic conception of the Platonists, driving them to seek fraternal unity with the Gods, as well as the mind (the mentality), combined with the aspiration for the principle of the individual of the Aristotelians. Such combination of qualities turns these personalities into flawless executors of Christ’s Will, which descends to Earth through the Bodhisattvas, and makes these Selves (having that combination of qualities) form not the known-from-the-history, militarised orders within the boundaries of the Catholic church (which do not exist in the Orthodox church either), but fraternal communities (brotherhoods) of free Souls, having the Grail as their uniting center. Such were the personalities of the Bulgarian Bogomils. They offered Central and Western Europe the new method of connecting to the Grail, so different from the esoteric current of the Guardians from the 8th – 9th century and from the exoteric current, originating in the 12th century, known from the novels of Chrétien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach and Robert de Boron! The Bogomilism combined the esoteric and the exoteric in harmonious synthesis, which was the only thing that could oppose the churches of Rome and Constantinople that were systematically destroying the live Christianity. Seeing the huge threat posed to their power, they rushed to create the Inquisition, to assemble councils against the Bulgarian “heresy” and to lead crusades against it. Despite the infernal hatred and satanic destruction, the Bogomils managed to lead the European humanity, which was sinking into spiritual darkness, to the Renaissance. Then, the Fifth cultural age could start and the nations could take steps towards the fulfilment of their mission.

In the Sun-sphere the Archangel Michael created the School of Cosmic Christianity, while beneath Ahriman opposed him with the creation of his sub-earthly School, which became the cradle of all materialistic impulses. Bogomilism seemed to have disappeared in the outer world, but it continued its existence esoterically, going through the Rosicrucianism, all the way till the beginning of the 20th century. The Reformation, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution came into being, while at the same time our nation seemed to have sunk into oblivion (distancing itself from evolution), because of our governors’ and church leaders’ sin against the Bogomils. Bulgaria ceased to exist in the beginning of the age of the Consciousness Soul. A year before the age of Archangel Michael began, it rose from the ashes (resurrected from non-existence) and immediately took over the leadership of the Self for humanity because the Bodhisattva was there! Bulgarian people had fulfilled the command, given to them by the Elohim, and had created the vessel for the main messenger of Christ on Earth. And at once the question comes: Whose Self was residing within the vessel Peter Deunov? Peter Deunov was Boris reincarnated! In 1897 the Self of the Bodhisattva began to bond with the body, within which resided the Self of Boris, and a year later, in Varna, the Elohim made a second appeal to the Bulgarians through that Soul, which had heard him one thousand years earlier, but this time the Soul was listening together with the Self of the future Maitreya Buddha. When someone asks himself today, with grounds, the question of how it was even possible for our nation to not disappear (not vanish) from the world stage during the five centuries of spiritual darkness, so that, it could come to the point of that spiritual conversation in 1898 in Varna, then, the Elohim himself answers as follows: “In all your sufferings and trials I supported you with My hand and gave you spiritual power and strength, so that you would not completely decline spiritually and become lost in the mire of life and in despair.” … “And at the end of your trial of many centuries, when Heaven under a Supreme judgment of Divine Providence decided to deliver you from the heavy slavery, I was the first to appear, to intercede for your liberation, supposing that you would take advantage of this given blessing and correct your past behaviour“. The Elohim spoke again, although the post-liberation Bulgarians “misused the gifts of… freedom”. One thousand years earlier, he had outlined to Boris the plan for the formation of the Slavic group and, in particular, of the “Christ’s nation”, and then that same Self (which was incarnated in Boris) was listening through the Consciousness Soul, not through the Sentient One, to the continuation of the plan, spoken by the Elohim, being the Spirit-Leader of the already-created Slavic family. He said, with regard to Russia, that, for it, God “has ordained a great future, to fulfill His will for your“ (Bulgarian – editor’s note) “glory and for the glory of His Kingdom. You“ (the Bulgarians – editor’s note) “will receive a gift from Russia” (the correct meaning is Russia would pay tribute to Bulgarians – editor’s note) “as Melchizedek received from Abraham“. And with the words addressed to the Community of the Word, the upcoming start of the Second Coming of Christ was proclaimed for the first time to humanity: “Understand the unchangeable truth that the elevation of the Slavic family is an elevation necessary for all, which God Himself is performing for His chosen one, the Leader of Salvation, Who will appear soon among you in his full Glory and Power to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace, God’s Kingdom on Earth”. Eleven years later, under the inspiration of the Bodhisattva, Rudolf Steiner began to announce to the west the Christ’s Second Coming, because, prior to the “conversation” in Varna, he had managed to become the first man, who, relying on his own Self, being entirely aware, and via the thinking process, paved the righteous path for connection with the spiritual worlds during the Fifth cultural age – the same path that we know from “The Philosophy of Freedom”. Thanks to this achievement, the earthly humanity was granted the Science of the Spirit, without which, its further development would have been impossible. This was the Third Revelation of Christ towards people. The first one took place in the Third cultural age and manifested via the Moon Elohim Jehovah, via his Moon visage Archangel Michael and via Moses in the form of “the ten commandments on the mountain” (in the spiritual world) of Sinai; for the purpose of His Second Revelation (in the Fourth cultural age) Christ descended into Jesus through the six Sun Elohim, lived through the Mystery of Golgotha and testified to His earthly presence with the writing of the “Gospels”, while at the same time Michael was residing on the Sun; and His Third Revelation – the Science of the Spirit, was preceded by His Second (supersensible) Golgotha, by the descent of Archangel Michael to the closest-to-Earth spiritual world and his rise to the rank of Archai, as well as by the new role of the Elohim in the Fifth cultural age. During the First Revelation, they (the Elohim) controlled the thought-powers of the Cosmos. Four centuries before the Second Revelation, the transfer of that control (over the thought-powers) to the Archai had begun, because of the forthcoming individualisation of the human thinking process after the coming of the Savior. The whole transfer lasted almost until the start of the 15th century, but its very culmination was in the 4th century AD, when that Consultation of the Four Prominent Teachers was held. Meanwhile, Michael renounced his rulership of the Cosmic Intelligence. Both processes had an effect down at the Consultation, which outlined the plan for the response of mankind to the new conditions. And during the Third Revelation, the Elohim had already “delegated” their authority to the Archai and they have been preparing themselves for their transformation into Spirits of Motion since then.

This is the moment to give clarification, though not quite a complete one, of what the „thought-powers of the Cosmos“ are and what the „Cosmic Intelligence“ is. The source of consciousness for all beings in the whole creation of God is the Holy Spirit from the Holy Trinity. It represents the “thought-powers of the Cosmos” and it is reflected externally to us through the Third Hierarchy of Gods – Archai, Archangels and Angels, and, internally, its „reflections“ within the Second Hierarchy (which, in turn, is the external reflection of the Word) are the Elohim. In pre-Christian times, the Elohim were the „thought-powers“ which used to cause visionary imaginations in automatic (non-free) way in the human consciousness. The influence was brought from the outside, in an innate manner, because they were so powerful that their direct entry within the Soul of man would obliterate his Self-consciousness outright. We could only imagine what Boris felt when the Elohim invaded his individual consciousness directly, but his consequent actions speak for themselves! The “instrument” for that “invasion” was the “Cosmic Intelligence”, which is “product” of the Heavenly Sophia. The Heavenly (Cosmic) Sophia herself is a collective being, formed during the evolution of our Solar System. Whether other „Sophia“-s exist in the Cosmos, we do not know yet, but it is for sure that without the „instrument“ created by her (by Sophia), the possibility for making a conscious connection between man and the thought-powers of the Cosmos would have never come. To put it clearly, The Heavenly Sophia „condenses“ the Holy Spirit into mental substance, which, the most prominent son of Sophia, Michael, guarded for aeons, in order to bestow it on us during the Christian development (which took place) as his sacrificial act, following the example of Christ.

After the Archai took over the control of the thought-powers of the Cosmos and after the transformation of the Cosmic Intelligence into earthly intelligence, the Gods „got worried“ with reason, asking themselves, whether there would be at least one man on Earth capable of seeking a bond with them in a new way, adequate for the new spiritual realms. If the visions, provoked by the Elohim in the human body in antiquity, had been a matter of physiology, they were then becoming pathology. Imaginations had to be personally won by the Self from the inside and not caused in our bodies from the outside. The Self was becoming the „deity“, which, with the instrument of pure thoughts, should create and offer them to the Archai, so that the connection with the thought-powers of the Cosmos could be achieved in the right way, which would mean that the Holy Spirit would need to penetrate the Self, the Soul and the bodies of man as a Revelation, without weakening (putting out) in any way his individual active (waking) consciousness. When the Spirit talks, It manifests either as imagination plus intuition, or as inspiration plus intuition, or as all the three at the same time, but it is obligatory for the intuition to be present in order to validate the validity of the Revelation that is being received. Out of the representatives of the Holy Spirit in the Third Hierarchy of Gods, it is only the Archai who possess developed intuitive consciousness and it is they who „certify“ the validity of every single true Revelation, which the pilgrim on Earth attains, understands, puts into words and announces to humanity. And as we are currently in the Age of Michael, who has already become an Archai, we can legitimately call the new way to Heavens “Michael’s way”. The first one, who tried to put it into practice, was Rudolf Steiner and, as a result, the Third Revelation of Christ towards people became possible.

However, there immediately comes the question about the role of the Bodhisattvas in the Three Revelations of Christ, and especially important to us, taking into account the forthcoming meeting with Ahriman, would be the activity of the seventh Bodhisattva within the 20th century. The descent of the first Revelation coincided approximately with the times of Orpheus, when the Bodhisattva (of Divine nature) was soaring above his earthly vessel. Moses went up the „mountain“ to receive “the commandments“ of the „moon“-Elohim Jehovah via the „moon“-Archangel Michael, while he was in “moon“-consciousness. Except for being Christ’s servant, Michael is also part of the Heavenly Sophia, through whom the Word was descending towards the Earth. Until the Turning Point of Time, the Bodhisattvas were also „moon“-reflectors of God’s Wisdom via the „moon“-Third Hierarchy of Gods, one of which was Michael. Since we know that the fulfilment of Christ’s Will within the earthly sphere is performed by the Bodhisattvas, then the fifth of them (the future Orpheus) must have been present in a spiritual way at the moment when the Decalogue was handed over.

Christ accomplished His Second Revelation in the physical realm, sealing it with the Death and the Resurrection, and thereafter He eternally bonded himself with the Earth and the mankind that was populating it. Following Christ’s example, Archangel Michael left (“died“ as he left) the Sun and followed the Cosmic Intelligence, to descend to the nearest-to-Earth spiritual world, where once again he defeated Ahriman and „resurrected“ as Archai, becoming Christ’s „Sun Visage“. After the Cosmic Intelligence was embedded within (built within) man during the 15th century by the First Hierarchy of Gods, the „robe“ of the Heavenly Sophia got ahrimanised in the consequent materialistic evolution, Sophia „died“ for us (we could no longer reach her) and stood in a state of expectation for her „resurrection“. The seventh Bodhisattva (the daughter of Jairus) had also been „dead“ in the physical realm at the Turning Point of Time, but found the resurrection owing to Christ, in order to prepare herself (being a daughter)/himself, with His Power in her/his Self, for the Third Revelation of the Savior and the future „resurrection“ of Sophia. Despite his (the Bodhisattva’s – editor’s note) descents during all the centuries, he (the Bodhisattva – editor’s note) seemed to have remained in the shadow. He participated in everything significant which was related to spirituality, but without appearing “on stage”. The same happened with the  Christ’s Impulse which „hid“ in the unconscious depths of the human soul and worked within it to move evolution while waiting for the right time to „emerge“ in our active (waking) consciousness and to manifest Itself for the Third time, after living through a new Golgotha.

At the end of 19th century, Christ „sucked“ the dark sphere of materialistic thoughts surrounding the Earth, processed it in a Manichean way and radiated Spiritual Light, but at the cost of His Astral Consciousness in the Nathan Soul (where he resided after the Turning Point of Time) dying away and His subsequent Resurrection once again in the Nathan Soul, but, that time, as Etheric Consciousness in the light ether. The Nathan Soul made its fifth sacrifice, and that Etheric Christ would become ever more visible to the spiritual sight of man during the next 3000 years and it is Him, Whom the Elohim first announced to the Bodhisattva in 1898, and afterwards the Bodhisattva to Rudolf Steiner, who (the latter) very clearly said, „We use the expressions, which we derive from the inspirations of the Bodhisattva himself, and they (the Bodhisattvas) show us what the future coming of Christ would look like“. Two thousand years earlier Yeshua ben Pandira proclaimed the physical coming of the Savior, and then Beinsa Douno was talking about the coming of Christ through “the hearts and Souls” of people having “The High Ideal”. When „the daughter of Jairus“ awakens in the Soul of the modern man, the Spiritual Science „stirs“ his astral body, the man makes the transition from thinking with the physical brain towards thinking with the etheric brain (and later on towards thinking with the whole etheric body), so that the Bodhisattva “key“ could reveal itself to him, opening thus the door of admission to the Etheric Christ. Rudolf Steiner uses the same “key”! Anthroposophy gives knowledge, without which, man could not become free (independent) in his thinking process, could not form his individuality, and could not recognise himself as innate “Spirit-Self”. The correct “use” of the Spiritual Science turns our astral body into “Spirit-Self”. The Impulse of Bodhisattva influences the transformation of the etheric body into „Life-Spirit“ and inevitably drives the Souls into (towards) the formation of Brotherhood united by „the throne of the Lamb“, in which they seem to resemble each other externally, as if they are alike (“yet not I, but Christ liveth in me“; Galatians 2:20 KJVA), because they are all „clothed with white robes“ (Revelation 7:9, KJVA), but recognise each other due to their faithfulness to the Lamb (“they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful“, Revelation 17:14 KJVA). Anthroposophy is the “Holy Spirit” and Freedom, and the Bodhisattva is the “Word” and Love. Love is impossible without Freedom. We can proclaim with complete confidence that the main purpose of Anthroposophy is to lead us to the seventh Bodhisattva, and, via him, we can connect with the Etheric Christ in order to not only cope with the incarnated Antichrist, but also to lay the foundations of the essential „resurrection“ of the Heavenly Sophia, who, in future, would „unite“ with the Gods of the First Hierarchy and the Cosmos would turn into a single organism, having Christ as its center, which would include the earthly humanity as the tenth Hierarchy of Freedom and Love. Then, we would also reach the Principle of the “Father”, in Whom each man is individuality again, but pervaded by Christ, because “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6, NIV). It was the sacrifices of Rudolf Steiner and the Bodhisattvas which laid the first conscious “foundations” of that magnificent “building” (of that spectacular “structure“). What sacrifices did they make and how did they differ?

At some point in the late 19th century, Rudolf Steiner had pervaded his Self with Christ’s Impulse to such extent, that he managed to “earn“ himself the right for a personal encounter with Christ, after which, in the course of three seven-year-long periods, starting in 1902 until the Christmas Assembly (of 1923), he „allowed“ the Gods to act respectively through his astral, etheric and physical body, so that mankind could obtain the Science of the Spirit, and at the Christmas Assembly itself he „took down“ the Grail from the spiritual world and immersed it within (put it at the bottom of) the Souls and the hearts of the attending Anthroposophists as „dodecahedral imaginative image of Love“. That „Michaelic“ Grail is the Foundation Stone of the Anthroposophical Society, whose power should be sufficient as counteraction against the incarnated Ahriman. “Those from above”, however, “state” that just the Foundation Stone is not sufficient to cope with the Antichrist! Why is that? Well, because, except for the Christmas Assembly, in the 20th century there was yet another great spiritual event on Earth, which remained totally misunderstood by humanity. Without the “product (outcome)” of that sacrifice no one would have been able to stand against Ahriman. What was it (What are we talking about)?

On 4.05.1936, in the hall of the Izgreva (“the Dawn“, a center established by Beinsa Douno in a village near Sofia – translator’s note), the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno together with another two brothers were rehearsing (studying) music. It was Monday – the day of the Moon. Being with reduced (decreased) „moon“ consciousness, a member of the „Democratic Alliance“ (Bulgarian: Демократически сговор) of Tsankov jumped over the fence, broke the window of the hall with his hand, and beat up the Тeacher at 15:25 pm, hitting him on the left side of the head (Lucifer), but causing his right side to get partially paralyzed (Ahriman is the karma of Lucifer), (Ahriman is the opposite of the left side, i.e. the right side – translator’s note). On the 12th of July (St. Peter’s day), still in Sofia, the Teacher unexpectedly said: “We are going to Rila (the Rila Mountains)”! On the 16th of July, at 5:30 am, they left for the mountain. During the course of about a month, in the notebook of the stenographer Slavka Keremedchieva, the Teacher used his paralysed right hand to write out stroke by stroke the phrase “Богъ е Любовъ (God is Love)”. The letters are 11 (in Bulgarian this phrase consists of 11 letters – translator’s note). Ahriman is using the number eleven very intensively during the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century for his hellish plans. This written phrase, though, had completely the opposite effect. After writing the (last dash of the) last letter, the Teacher was miraculously healed up and pronounced the mysterious words: ”There was more than Golgotha here!” The brothers and sisters were exhilarated, started singing a song and walked from the Teacher’s tent towards the (source and) fountain “Hands that Give”. The lyrics of the song they sang speak volumes for themselves:

„Благословен от Бога – ти,

Учителю на Любовта“

„Добре дошъл, добре дошъл,

Учителю на Мъдростта!“

“Blessed by God – you,

Teacher of Love“

“We welcome you, we welcome you,

Teacher of Wisdom!”

For the assembly on the 19th of August everyone was in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), where the Teacher delivered the inspired speech “Да им дам живот (To give them life)”. It is beyond any doubt that the seventh Bodhisattva is the Teacher of Love and Wisdom, i.e. of Truth, but how is it possible, that “there was more than Golgotha” in what happened?! What did actually happen?

As mentioned above, the only creature, whose three bodies had been entirely penetrated and spiritualised by the Christ’s Self was the Nathan Soul (Jesus of Nazareth). After Pentecost, the Christ’s Self as an Impulse bonded, via the Holy Spirit, with the Self of each man, waiting to be „discovered“ by the Soul and together with it to begin spiritualising the human bodies, which, however, could have only been freely achieved only as late as the 20th century. Steiner demonstrated this flawlessly. During the past centuries since the Mystery of Golgotha, the reflections preserved-in-the-spiritual-world of the astral and the etheric bodies of Christ Jesus have been sealed (imprinted), as „substitutes“, in the astral and the etheric bodies of certain people, thus turning these people into Saints. If man, in his previous lives, had felt deep respect for the Mystery of the Grail, or had at least thought intensively about the Mystery of Golgotha, with the onset of Michael’s age, it would become possible for such a man to obtain, within his Self, the preserved-in-the-spiritual-world reflections of the seal (imprint) of the Christ’s Self in Jesus’ shells (bodies). Christianity started becoming “Christianity of the Self” (“Self’s Christianity“). In a sense, it was  „the disciple whom Jesus loved (John 13:23, NIV)“ who first got that imprint at the foot of the Cross of Golgotha, then in the 10th century the most eminent of the Bogomils also got in touch with Its Power, which at a later stage powerfully pierced (penetrated) the bodies of the reincarnated John in Arbanasi, but the true Self’s effect of the imprint could have manifested only after the onset of Michael’s age, when Steiner attained it in complete (awaken) consciousness (being entirely aware), after having, through his own efforts, paved the way for humanity towards the spiritual world through the thinking process. The seventh Bodhisattva, without any doubt, had had the most profound connection with the Mystery of the Holy Blood during all his descents since the Turning Point of Time onwards, but the question is how that connection manifested in the 20th century, so that he could say such a mysterious phrase in the 1936? Did it manifest only in the attainment of the imprint or was there something else?

We have already mentioned the Second Manichean Golgotha of Christ at the end of the 19th century, which took place in the nearest spiritual sphere surrounding the Earth and which gave birth to a new Spiritual Light in human consciousness. However, we are aware of the experiences of the modern anthroposophist Jesaiah Ben-Aharon, which prove the continuation of the Second Golgotha of Christ during the period of 1933-1945. As early as the end of 1909, Steiner started talking about the Etheric Christ and (about) the fact that, from the beginning of the 30ties of the 20th century, He would start becoming visible to certain people possessing new supersensible abilities, (abilities) which would further develop over the next 2,500 years in all the rest (of people) as a natural gift. Such abilities had to be mastered by the anthroposophical ideology, because otherwise the path for the forces of evil would have been opened. Mankind turned out to be unprepared to accept the Third Revelation of Christ, “the gates of hell (Matthew 16:18, KJVA)“ opened on Earth and “the beast that comes up from the Abyss“ (Revelation 11:7 NIV), (“the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit“ (Revelation 11:7, KJVA)), showed itself, but it was only such situation of total despair, in which it became possible for the burning question about the nature and the future of men to be sent out from the bottom upwards. Having an occult experience, we herewith testify that such question existed. The Etheric Christ heard it. Driven by supreme compassion, He decided to bond Himself sacrificially with the beast in man forever and to transform it henceforth into Good, if the human Self would allow Him. However, He needed a “bridge“(“ladder“), via which He could descend. The small community of loyal-to-Michael human Selves resided in the spiritual world, observing with great anxiety the bacchanalia of evil and the millions of casualties. That community of Michaelites formulated and enunciated the question, and then, filled with moral power, the Michaelites opened their hearts for the flows of etherified blood of the casualties, bonded with it and built an etheric bridge (ladder), via which the Etheric Christ descended into the maw of the beast, thus causing on one hand new powers for coping with the evil to emerge within the human Self, and on the other hand, the Earth to be born as a new Sun in the etheric Cosmos. What was the role of the Bodhisattva in that Mystery?

The Michaelites observed with their spiritual vision the descent of the Etheric Christ via the etheric bridge, which they had created, but someone had to serve Him as a physical bridge towards the bodies of earthly people. That someone was the Teacher Beinsa Douno. Before the First Golgotha, the Macrocosmic Self of Christ had descended and transformed into Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man respectively the astral, the etheric and the physical body of the Nathan Soul. The Nathan Soul became the prototypical (original) bearer of Christ, which, however, during the descent (of Christ) on Epiphany was out of its body (being with reduced consciousness). This time, the Etheric Christ descended through the Self of the Bodhisattva, went through the astral, then through the etheric and even reached the supersensible parts of his physical body, to bond right there – within the will power – with the evil nature of the earthly humankind. The Christ’s Consciousness descended within (and through) the Nathan Soul from the light ether down to the warmth ether (the lowest possible descent attainable by Gods), and the warmth ether had been in close connection with the willpower and the physical body of man since as early as the Old Saturn. The Nathan Soul performed its sixth sacrifice and Beinsa Douno became the original image (prototype) of human being, who, in the physical realm, being in fully waking (entirely active) consciousness (completely aware), became the bearer of Christ and free-will “accomplice“ (partner) in the accomplishment of His Sacrificial Act. The bodies of the Bodhisattva were not spiritualised as those of the Nathan Soul during the Three Years, but they were sufficiently penetrated, so that, as a result of that human cooperation, a new Earthly-Human Sun was born in (within) the etheric (warmth) Cosmos, and entirely unknown-till-then powers were born within the human willpower, to cope with the evil. With the first drops of blood on the Golgotha hill, the Earth shone as the future astral Sun, while at that moment (during the 1936 Mystery) it was born as an etheric Sun thanks to the Michaelites (acting from) above but mostly because of the Bodhisattva (making His sacrifice) down on Earth. ”There was more“ (“than Golgotha here!“), i.e. there was something different from both the physical First Golgotha, as well as from the supersensible Second Golgotha. The latter we could call “macrocosmic”, because it happened in the sphere surrounding the Earth, and the Mystery of 1936 undoubtedly was of microcosmic character due to the participation of the Bodhisattva as a being of human evolution. As such, he is especially important to the spiritual world because, through him, the Gods learn the secrets of the physical world. The beating and the consequent paralysis were reflection of the beast from the abyss that was „unleashed“, the passing of Christ through the will power of the Teacher manifested in the writing of the phrase “Богъ е Любовъ (God is Love)”, and the birth of the new etheric Sun enlivened his etheric body and the physical paralysis „miraculously“ disappeared.

Only now, in the light of those events, we could seek more confidently the answer to the question why they are warning us „from above“ that only the Michaelic Grail formed by the Anthroposophy is not sufficient to cope with the incarnated Antichrist. To this purpose, we would approach the topic in an unusual manner by means of the Paneurhythmy (PanEuRhythmy). It is well known that it consists of three stages (parts): the 28 exercises, the Sunrays (the Rays of the Sun) and the Pentagram. Let us now imagine the Grail as a (wine) glass with its foot, stem and bowl, but instead of standing on the foot it is turned upside down (inverted) and standing on the rim. The first thing which every future Initiate of the Grail must do is to start filling the bowl with the substance (extract) of human Love, resulting from the Wisdom, newborn-in-the-Self. That Love is not the Love towards the forefather (God-the Father) from the Old Testament, and it is not the Love towards the neighbour (the Son) from the New Testament, but it is the Love towards the Truth (the Holy Spirit). Truth is the highest peak of Love and from our present time on, it would speak in categorical manner through the appropriate vessels (people), who would possess clarity in the mind, purity within the heart and strength within will power, all won with personal efforts. They would be the true followers of Christ on Earth, who would bring forth (give new berth) within the Self and transform into Love-Truth both the Wisdom of the Spiritual Science and of the impulse of the Bodhisattva from the 20th century, as well as any new piece of Wisdom, attained through personal occult experience. The above mentioned Mystery of 1936 is not present in the Foundation Stone for an understandable reason – Steiner physically left the earthly world in 1925. Without its powers, though, the substance (extract) of human love within the bowl of the Grail turns out to be of insufficient „quality“ to cope with that colossal evil, which the incarnated Antichrist would „activate“. If the Foundation Stone had been completely sufficient, then the Archai Michael himself would not have predicted through Steiner the transmission of a new impulse at the end of the 20th and the start of the 21st century, solely which could save the spiritual (and any other form of) life of humanity. We claim that the free-will synthesis, within the Self, of the Anthroposophy (Michael) and the Impulse of Beinsa Douno (Christ) can give birth to qualitatively new kind of individual Love-Truth (from the Holy Spirit), completely unknown (and incomprehensible) for the current humanity and therefore remaining hidden under the inverted (upside down) bowl of the Grail. Remaining hidden, because it is being formed within the will power, where the “warmth” Etheric Christ resides (where the Etheric Christ that had descended to the warmth ether resides). The one, who forms such substance for his Grail, could recognise the affinity with the substance in the Grail of another person, thus proceeding to the formation of Brotherhood of individuals with „white robes“. The Power to spiritualise the astral body and to transform it into Light comes from the Holy Spirit, while the Power to transform the etheric body into „white robe“ and into Life comes from Christ. The term „white robe“ appears for the first time in the „Apocalypse“ of John when the „son of man“ (Revelation 1:13, NIV) with „a sharp, double-edged sword“ (Revelation 1:16, NIV) „coming out of his mouth“ (from the same verse) addresses the „the church in Sardis“ (Revelation 3:1, NIV) i.e. addresses the humanity of the Fifth cultural age, which has „a reputation of being alive“ (Revelation 3:1, NIV), but in fact it is „dead“ („you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead“ (Revelation 3:1, NIV)): „Yet you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes. They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy. The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life, but will acknowledge that name before my Father and his angels“ (Revelation 3:4-5, NIV). It cannot be said more clearly than that! The one who conquers (overcomes) his lower Self, would obtain his eternal Name (the Spirit-Self), (he) would become part of Christ’s Brotherhood wearing „white robes“ (the Life-Spirit), and, finally, again as an individuality, he would stand before the Father (the Spirit-Man) but only if he is recommended („confessed“) by Christ.

The “white robes” are mentioned for the second time in the address towards “the church in Laodicea” (Revelation 3:14, NIV), i.e. towards the humanity of the Seventh cultural age, which would be “neither hot nor cold” (Revelation 3-16, NIV) but “lukewarm” (from the same verse): “I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire (, so you can become rich); and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness“ (Revelation 3:18, NIV). Then, in the „War of All against All“ man would be in dire need of Wisdom (the gold), but refined in the fire of the Christianised Self, so that it could turn into Love and transform evil (the nakedness) into Good.

The “white robes” appeared for the third time, in the “Age of the Seals” (the Sixth Root Race). „When he opened the fifth seal“ (Revelation 6:9, NIV) John saw „under the altar the Souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained“ (from the same verse). They cried out with loud voice asking the “Sovereign Lord, holy and true“ (Revelation 6:10, NIV) how long until he would “judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge” (from the same verse) their blood. “Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been“ (Revelation 6:11, NIV). In the Bible the Father is called “God”, the Word is called “Lord-God”, and the Holy Spirit is called “Lord”. The (Souls of those who had been) “slain”, because of the Word, ask the Holy Spirit when it would avenge them, because the questions to the One, Who gives the “white robes”, are compulsorily passing through the „approval“ of the Holy Spirit. When “the sixth seal” was opened, the retribution began, but the harm of “the land or the sea or the trees” (Revelation 7:3, NIV) was deferred so that the “seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God“ (from the same verse) can be put. John heard that “the number of those who were sealed“ (Revelation 7:4, NIV) was 144,000 – 12,000 “from all the tribes of Israel” (from the same verse) – and afterwards he saw great multitude “from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.  And they cried out in a loud voice: – Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:9-10, NIV). The ones clothed in “white robes” are “they which came out of great tribulation” (Revelation 7:14, KJVA). They “have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb“ (Revelation 7:14, KJVA), Who, being their “shepherd“, would lead them to God, so that God could “wipe away every tear from their eyes“ (Revelation 7:17, NIV). Thereafter, the “seventh seal“ was opened, “there was silence in heaven for about half an hour“ (Revelation 8:1, NIV), and the “Age of the Trumpets” (the Seventh Root Race) began, accompanied by the pouring of the “seven bowls of God’s wrath“ (Revelation 16:1, NIV) and the conclusion of the physical earthly evolution.

At this stage it is unlikely that we could give more profound understanding of those events which would take place after 15,000-20,000 years, but those „apocalyptic“ quotes we adduced, certainly make it clear that the clothing in „white robes“ of particular spiritual pilgrims starts from our present time by (means of) building up the personal Grail. When the Self performs entirely consciously the synthesis of the Spiritual Science (Michael) and the Impulse of the Bodhisattva (Christ), the man (the performer) actually „plays (dances)“ the 28 exercises of the Paneurhythmy, creates his substance-Love for the Grail, and starts clothing in „white robe“, while, “by the way (at the same time)“, the taming of the „animals“ within the astral body continues. Without the moral strength of the Bodhisattva the “anthroposophists” could not conquer their lower Self, and without the Anthroposophy, the “disciples” of the Teacher would be deprived of the “fuel” for the Self, and the dancing of the 28 exercises would not result into actual clothing with “white robe”. In practice the two impulses remain isolated (divided/separated). The destiny of humanity is nowadays in the hands of “a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes” (Revelation 3:4, NIV). They would be the only ones who would be able to bond within their Grail (within their Self) their microcosmic love substance with the Macrocosmic Universal Love, Which (the latter) has been passing through our world as powerful cosmic flow since the Turning Point of Time. And the “product (outcome)” of the 1936 Mystery is compulsorily present in that newly formed “ambrosia”, which the Gods have been awaiting for so long. Then the Consciousness Soul really receives the Christ’s Impulse (the imprint of Christ’s Self) within itself and its transformation into the Imaginative Soul begins. In that process of building (formation) of „the stem of the glass (the chalice)“ the role (the participation) of the Bodhisattvas is also irreplaceable. Why is that?

Anthroposophy says that the formation of our sensory organs, nervous system and brain is the result of „retaining“ spiritual power flows within our inner selves, and these flows have their origin respectively in the astral world, the Lower Devachan and the Higher Devachan. The act of „retaining“ is a natural ability, built in the human by Gods, for which we do not deserve any merit. The formation of imaginations in our Consciousness Soul, however, is a personal deed, which became possible (to be achieved) only with the onset of Michael’s age, when the power of imagination entered our intellectual consciousness. That spiritual power descends from the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas. It has to be „retained“, i.e. realised by the Consciousness Soul, which leads to the formation within it of a kind of „Glass“ for collecting the flowing-through-the-Self current of Universally-human Love. Afterwards, Christ’s Power, born out of the Mystery of Golgotha, raises the human imaginative Glass of „ambrosia“ upwards to the Gods and imprints it in the cosmic imaginations, where it becomes part of the universal contents. Then, comes the turn of the Palladium, which had „vanished“, and which descends from the Lodge of Bodhisattvas to the Consciousness Soul of man, (to come on stage,) so that the Consciousness Soul could realise and experience the „ambrosia“ within itself like a true Spiritual Sun. The return of the Palladium is the indication that the Self is “playing (dancing)” the twelve exercises of the Paneurhythmy, called “the Rays of the Sun”. When Beinsa Douno was playing „the Rays of the Sun“ down on Earth, the entire Lodge of the Bodhisattvas was imaginating through him (was creating imaginatively through him) the image of the Macrocosmic-Self Christ as the Love, in Which all the Beings of God’s creation had been living since the Mystery of Golgotha. With music, song and dance the effect of that Love on the etheric bodies of those present was magnetic. But it had to be understood (realised)! A conversation held in the Rila Mountain between the young Dimo Daskalov and him (the Bodhisattva Beinsa Douno) is especially indicative of that. To the question: „Teacher, why do Your disciples consider You to be Christ? “, the Teacher replied: „If you had been in their shoes, you would have thought the same thing!“ The Souls with platonic mindset gathered around the Bodhisattva sought the „cosmic experience“ of „the Rays of the Sun through the Pan-Eurhythmy“, while „Aristotelian“ Dimo Daskalov wanted to understand them (to realise them). Despite this, until the end of his life, he did not have the portrait of Steiner in the room where he translated and paved the way for Anthroposophy in Bulgaria, but there was the portrait of the Teacher. He was the only one who knew what his Soul had been living through while combining the two in synthesis and the synthesis could have truly manifested only after the “revelation” of the Bodhisattva in the year 2000 (in the year 2000 Dimitar Mangurov announced who the Bodhisattva of the 20th century was – translator’s note). After, it became possible both the building (forming) of the revived (renewed) Grail, as well as the fulfilment of Michael’s prophecy of a new impulse at the end of the century to take place. We claim that the impulse was sent out (transmitted) until the year 2007, because with the 28 exercises-lectures, mandatorily played by a pair of man-woman, the new way for the formation of the human part of the „ambrosia“ in the revived Grail was shown, and that human part of the “ambrosia“, until the Grail is completely formed, remains hidden and incomprehensible to people, who do not practice the synthesis. A Brotherhood centred around Christ is required in order to play (dance) „the Rays of the Sun“, and the „Pentagram“ of Paneurhythmy is the finale of the Deed, which is „sealed“ by personal sacrifice, following the example of the Bodhisattva of 1936. That is the moment when the Glass (being upside down with the foot upwards beforehand) inverts, the horizontally lying „Pentagram“ becomes its foot, and the „ambrosia“ (contained in the bowl), being embraced by Heavenly light shell, becomes visible to all. The Heavenly shell is the redeemed Cosmic Intelligence, in which the human and the universal thoughts are in such inseparable unity, that the Archai Michael could easily act within it, and the redemption has become possible because it is a consequence of the fulfilment of the explicit condition, set by Michael himself, that Anthroposophy „unites with other spiritual streams“ (GA 237, Lecture 7, dated 28th July, 1924, Dornach – translator’s note). That stream is undoubtedly the spiritual stream of the Bodhisattvas, which in the 20th century gave us the Paneurhythmy as an imaginative image of the new Grail.

And herewith we could present an imagination to illustrate the difference between the Foundation Stone and Paneurhythmy. In one of his books Bernard Lievegoed recognises (distinguishes) four mystery streams flowing into the Christmas Assembly, forming a sort of horizontal earthly cross: Michael’s stream coming from the North, the Rosicrucian stream coming from the South, the Arthurian stream coming from the West and stream of the Grail coming from the East. It was those streams which formed the Stone of Love and put it within (planted it within) the Souls of the anthroposophists, but that Stone needs to be raised towards the Truth. If we draw in our thoughts inclined lines out of the four points of the cross in the direction of (towards) Heaven, a pyramid would be formed with its tip (apex) located in the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas, and inside the pyramid we would spot (espy) the image of a human head which constitutes the redeemed Cosmic Intelligence. Without the complicity (partnership) of the Bodhisattvas, Michael would not be able to get back his redeemed gift from the earthly man!

Here is where the path of the disciple ends, and the path of the Initiate of the Grail starts. The first one who would manage to “invert the Glass (Chalice)“, would become its new Guardian. He will be a Bulgarian! Afterwards, others would also manage to do it, to become part of the “few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes” (Revelation 3:4, NIV) and to be able to stand against the Antichrist in the forthcoming Great Battle on Earth. They would be the ones whom the Gods would rely on, and all the rest would be „tempted“ to varying degrees. Such prospective, however, seems tragic only on the surface, because the „Masters of Wisdom and of the Harmony of Feelings“ would join the „few people in Sardis“. Manes, Scythian, Zarathustra (Jesus), Christian Rosenkreuz (Christian Rose Cross) and the rest are (constitute) mighty Power. And what can we say about the Bodhisattva, who, after his sacrifice of 1936 has different „status“ in the spiritual world, giving him the right to participate directly in the deeds even of the Heavenly Sophia herself! While being among the Bulgarian nation, he revealed to us that once a year councils were held in „the Himalayas“ and on „the Sun“, without clarifying which Beings took part in them. Today we could say that by „the Himalayas“ we understand the Etheric Shamballa, which is the Earthly-Human Sun, and that Sun is „situated“ in the etheric world nearest to Earth. The council there is held during the period of 19th-21st August. The council on “the Sun” is held on Pentecost in the “Mother-Lodge” “situated” in the lower Sun sphere (the Lower Devachan). But there is yet another council! It is held in the Higher Devachan (the higher sphere of the Heavenly Sophia) at the time of the “Easter” holiday. That is the one which takes the major decisions concerning the destiny of our Solar System and the Earth in particular; those decisions taken are then transferred to the other two councils for implementation. Only Beings of (having) “star genesis (lives)” participate in that council. Such Beings are the higher members (constituents) of the Heavenly Sophia – the Spirits of Wisdom (the realm/area of “Virgo”) and the Spirits of Motion (the realm/area of “Libra”), as well as the Gods of the First Hierarchy. The Elohim and the Beings beneath them have only “planetary genesis (lives)”. They „sit in session“ on Pentecost in the „Mother-Lodge“, which is the head of the leadership of humanity and, which controls the operation of Sophia during the entire Earthly evolution. The leader of that lodge is the superhuman (Avatar) Manu (Noah), who as a Dhyani Buddha headed the transition from the Atlantean to the post-Atlantean Root Race. And in the council in the Etheric Shamballa held in August the Masters of human evolution take part.

Where is the place in that picture of the Bodhisattvas, who work on the transformation of their astral body into Spirit-Self, of the Buddhas, who transform the etheric body into Life-Spirit, and of the Dhyani Buddhas with their work on the processing (transformation) of the physical body into Spirit-Man? In his book „The Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies“ Sergei O. Prokofieff asserts that the Bodhisattva cannot enter the „temple“ called the „Mother-Lodge“, Buddha can enter its Holy of Holies, and Dhyani Buddha can act (operate) from that Holy of Holies as leader. Ten years ago, however, on the Pentecost (the one defined by stars, and not the „Orthodox“ one), while giving the lecture „The Risk of God“ in the locality of the „Madara Horseman“ (Bulgarian: Мадарски конник, Madarski konnik), a woman had a vivid imagination that in that moment a council was being held on „the Sun“, in which beings with „wings“ participated, and that Beinsa Douno, wearing „white robes“, was walking among them like a „chief.“ Everyone knows that “chief” means “leader (the one in charge)”. After the Mystery of 1936, when the Bodhisattva was penetrated by the Etheric Christ all the way through to his physical body, he deserved the right to act (operate) from the „Mother-Lodge“ just like a „Manu“ and that was long before he would have ascended even to the rank of „Buddha“, which would have happened (and would happen) in about 2,500 years. Well, here is the leap in evolution, which results from the physical encounter with the Christ’s Power of Self! As mentioned above, the Bodhisattvas are beings of human evolution. In pre-Christian times, the man entirely belonged to the planetary evolution and the maximum level, which the earthly Initiate could rise to, was the rank of „Buddha“, which allowed him to experience consciously the realm of the Libra, where the planetary influences touched the star ones. Therefore, upon their descent to the earthly vessel the Bodhisattvas received inspirations from the members (constituents) of the Heavenly Sophia, reaching only up to the Spirits of Motion. Only superhuman beings of the rank of „Manu“ did consciously rise to the higher sphere (realm) of the Heavenly Sophia in Virgo, where the spiritual marriage between the Bride (Sophia) and the Lamb (the Cosmic Christ) took place. After the Mystery of Golgotha and especially from our times on, when it became possible for the conscious bond with the Christ’s Impulse to take place now (already) within the bounds of the Earth, the path to achieving the rank of „Manu“ also opened to some of the humans, and particularly important along those lines was the work of acquiring conscious attitude towards the Resurrection Body (the Phantom of the physical body), which had risen from the grave of Golgotha at the Turning Point of Time and ever since then had been active within the spiritual substances of the Earth through the powers related to the highest constituent of the human being – his Spirit-Man. The Bodhisattva of the 20th century became the original image (prototype) of the realisation (fulfilment) of that opportunity, with which he not only conquered the right to act as (at the level of) a „Manu“, but he also gave powerful impetus to the process of „resurrection“ of the „killed“ Heavenly Sophia and to the future connecting with the First Hierarchy of Gods, at which she (the Heavenly Sophia) stared in hope, just like man stared in hope at the Third Hierarchy of Gods, where his higher constituents resided. Of course, the current Bodhisattva would not be that human Manu, who, after the end of the Seventh cultural age, would make the transition towards the Sixth Root Race, because after his transformation into Maitreya Buddha he would no longer descend to Earth. Who, among men, would accomplish that feat – it is yet too early to say. The important thing is to look with understanding at the deeds of the Bodhisattva and emulate them, because they are Christ’s deeds!

An example of such a deed is the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews in 1943. Lots of pages have been written about it, but the Truth was revealed (we came to the Truth) by means of the occult as late as in the 2013, when the 70th anniversary of that “miracle” was commemorated. Those who are more familiar (with the case) know that it was neither the church, nor some Members of the Parliament, nor the King, who saved the descendants of that nation, which crucified the Saviour nearly 2,000 years ago, but it was Beinsa Douno, who, through Lubomir Lulchev, made Boris III tear up the deportation order and write a new one. But that was also the external cause for the consequent favourable outcome, while the motive behind the rescue “tearing (of the order)“ had remained unknown until 2013. Being Christ’s major representative on Earth, the Bodhisattva realised that the Jews had made sacrifice and had taken the burden of terrible karma on themselves by crucifying the Word, for which humanity had to thank them. The only way for them to repent of the sin they had committed was to recognise the manifestation of Christ’s Love within the „infidels“. Those infidels were the Bulgarians. Christ, through Beinsa Douno and the Bulgarians, demonstrated to the rest of the world the original image (prototype) of the future understanding humanity, which would show the Jews such powerful Love that they would „wear sackcloth and ashes“, would „weep and mourn“ and would accept the Saviour with all their Soul. In 1943, it was only the Teacher who consciously understood what was taking place, while within all the rest of the participants in the Mystery, Christ was acting secretly (inwardly) within the impulses of their will power, where he had been residing since 1936. Despite that, it was our nation which once again became the original image (the prototype) of the future for the earthly humanity.

However, the external leaders of humanity, unfortunately, did not hear the warnings of the Elohim of 1898, they did not recognise the Light of Bodhisattva and (as a result,) the subhuman „whip in the hands of God“ – the Bolshevism, went into action. The forty-five-year-long „whip“, the five-century-long Ottoman darkness and the subsequent invasion of ultra-materialism after 1989 in the form of „western democracy“ undoubtedly had a striking impact on the mentality (soul) of the nation, which was originally chosen by God on Earth, but it still managed to fulfil its task. By means of the occult it is known that every time when an individual performs synthesis of the spiritual streams, that is a sign of a powerful spiritual impulse, of upcoming hardships which humanity would face, or of both together. The synthesis performed in the beginning of the 21st century is a sign of both! The Initiates-Bogomils, led by the incarnated Boyan the Magician, are again in Bulgaria, in order to give impetus to the evolution in the right direction. Whether they would be understood and followed, depends on the maturity of the rest.

Today, 1150 years after the „conversation“ between the Elohim and Boris, the „Christ’s nation“ and the „Slavhood“ are formations which have physically come to fruition. The Germanic community is also a fact, but both communities – the „community of the Word“ and the Germanic one, do not know the way out of the inevitable-in-the-near-future cul-de-sac. It is only the new Bulgarian “heresy” which can show them the escape route. But man has to conquer, to a sufficient extent, first, the personal selfishness within his astral body, then the far-more-difficult-to-overcome nationalism within the etheric body, and, finally, the racism within the physical body. Many “spiritual” people opine that the overcoming of nationalism and racism is not that difficult task to perform. They certainly do not have a true experience of (living within) the bond with the Archangel of the nation, and without it, the transition towards the Archai Michael and towards the actual overcoming of racism becomes impossible. The truth about the greatness of the Bulgarians in the human evolution would strike (flabbergast) either the „Slavhood“, or the „Germanic-hood“, or any others, who undeservedly ascribe past glories to themselves at the expense of the nation, which was originally chosen by God. With spiritual certainty we claim that any falsification of the Truth about the Bulgarians is theomachy, resulting in accumulation of serious personal and national karma. That is why some „great“ theomachists from the past are now incarnated among the inhabitants of the „earthly paradise“ between the Danube (Danube River) and the Rhodopes (the Rhodope Mountains). Those inhabitants would have to manifest (through themselves) a lot more of the Divine Providence, as per (to follow) the above-mentioned Plan of 5,500 years ago. In the next 1,500 years or so, the Bulgarians are obliged to drag (that is the correct term) mankind to the beginning of the Slavic cultural age. Only then – 7,000 years after the launch of the Plan, the implementation of the grandiose design for the formation (and extinction) of individual nations and the respective Self product (the extent to which they would have developed the Self – translator’s note), which they had to create throughout that whole period, would be completed. The „people of Christ“ are those, who must develop the very essence of the Grail as the cultural ferment (enzyme) for the future true esoteric Christianity. The Sixth cultural age, a time when there would be no nations but races – the race of „the good“ and the race of „the evil“, would be entered with that kind of Christianity. The seventh Bodhisattva would become the „Buddha of the Good“ through the magical transformation of the evil made within his Self, and he would demonstrate through his Word(s) the true Power of the Buddhi Principle, Which would voice (speak) the new „fire“ humans. Today’s incarnated man is the spoken Word of the Gods. In the „Age of Aquarius“ the flesh would become Word and the Word would speak (voice) humans out of those, who had accomplished by their own efforts (on their own) the great transition towards the Tenth Hierarchy of Freedom and Love! Bulgarian means a „Man of the Spirit“. The Gods of the Tenth Hierarchy would be immortal Humans, created by the Spirit, created by the Bulgarians!

Are there any candidates for being Bulgarian today?

Varna, 26th January, 2014

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  1. I Ԁon’t even knoԝ how Ӏ ended up here, but I thought this post ᴡas great.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous bl᧐ggеr if yⲟu aren’t already 😉 Cheеrs!

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